Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Ever Get the Feeling the Universe is against you?

First the good news!!! My kids are all B or better students according to their latest report cards!! Aiden's acing kindergarten!!! WOO HOO! Bailey's being a little lazy but still making B's and Christian's got a 3.825 GPA in 7th! GO BOYS!!!

Today is my day to feel that all the stars, planets and the moon..heck throw in the sun too...is against me. Tomorrow my brother comes to visit...then Sunday my parents come to visit and watch the SuperBowl...so what does any normal person do before company comes over?? CLEAN!!! right!

But the universe is against me today--I tried to list a simple little dress on ebay (I need some spending money) and I can't get the template to work correctly...no big deal right?? Well, what would normally take me 20 minutes ended up taking 45 which is 15 minutes too long cuz The Care Bears is only 30 minutes long. So Jillian made her way downstairs (mind you I can hear her rummaging around for something--usually she goes for the panty) Not this time....unfortunatly, so I'm clicking away hoping and praying it's just fruit snacks she's raiding...I'm hollering "Jillian Stop, Mommy's coming!!" FINALLY, I get the auction up and run downstairs...and see she's not in the pantry...she's in the fridge and has the chocolate Hershey's syrup . She's squeezed it all over the place, the dog licked it up and then puked everywhere...if Sophie dies we're blaming the 2 year old!! So I put the dog out and see that she's been chocolate-ized as well, chocolate all over her head...(is nothing off limits to her?) Meanwhile Jillian's saying "ohhh, saw-wee" (her version of "sorry") and "a mess!" (her version of..well, A MESS!) I toss the area rug, bring in the new one (it was from our dining room and thankfully we weren't using it) and put Jillian in the tub. Which she got out of, peed on the floor and got back in. I clean the floor then the rest of the bathroom while she's taking a bath.

We are potty training in this house--a 2½ year old with cinderella/dora panties running around with ½ hour reminders "DO YOU HAVE TO GO POTTY!?" which the answer is always a sing-song "NOPE!" so we go anyway...reset the timmer and she hops away again...this morning she didn't make it to her timer going off before she walked over and said "MOMMY, I POOPY." then did a cowboy walk (ya know after they get off the horse and walk bow-legged into the saloon) to the bathroom. She she did have to go poopy--unfortunatly she told me about 2 minutes too late. Ok it's expected...can't fault the girl she's learning...it's my job, not a biggie. While I'm rinsing out poor Cinderella she's got new panties on and is hopping around again...I run the wet panties down to the laundry room and start a load. While I was doing that she had to go AGAIN...I find her in the bathroom on the potty---she went but she forgot to pull her panties down!! (does that count as an accident?) LOL.

Then I try to update my blog (this is attempt two) why is it attempt two? Because my computer froze and I had to restart it...for some reason it didn't save a draft (or I lost it) and so I had to begin again!!! That was all before lunch!!

Don't fall for the innocent look...she's hell on wheels!!

She's supposed to be sleeping now but I just went there and she'd gotten her baby powder down and it's all over her floor...this day will NOT end...WHY!?!?! LOL

Whatcha doin' bubba?

I told jay (cuz he had the misfortune to call me) and he sat on the other end laughing! Then said bye---hello!? a little reinforcement here would be helpful!! Why didn't I marry rich and hire a nanny? The things we do for love. *sigh* hee hee

So now that she's in her room--and I'm waiting for her to fall asleep so I can finally shower for the day (It's only 1:11...niiice) I'm wondering if I'll even get a shower today...wish me luck!!

Enjoy the pictures and check out my auction: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&Item=290202482039&Category=79714&_trksid=p3907.m29

someone bid it up high..I need money for a nanny to help me out!! (or a maid) either would be fine. :O)

I'm trying to find pictures of something other than JILLIAN but it's hard when the kids are all gone all day...she's also my model for my projects and she's pretty darn cute...but so are these guys---I'll put Bailey in next time..I've gotta tackle him down for a couple snapshots someday soon!!


Sunday, January 13, 2008

Walking Barb Through

This is just a quick little tutorial (Sort of) for Barb...I can't explain things without actually doing them...so for those that check this and are wondering what's going on...nothing! LOL..here's some pics of the kids.

Actually these are of Jillian in outfits I've made recently. She's cute huh? :O) But I'm biased :O) (But really she's cute isn't she?) LOL