Sunday, December 13, 2009

Cookie Craze!

(and yeah these are so NOT my cookies!)

T'was 2 weeks before Christmas when the hubby declared
Christmas cookies would do very well here!
So I rose out of bed, with a yawn and a stretch
Off to the store quickly ingredients to fetch.

I blended and stirred, whipped and I mixed
I had dozens and dozens of cookies to fix!
Pinch of salt here, cup of sugar there
Soon we had flour EVERYWHERE!!

Exhausted I fell into the chair with a sigh
Wait mom, I don't see the Apple pie!!
What!? I shouted looking about
I have 10 dozen cookies, don't they count?!

The kids slunk from the room
And I grabbed up the broom
Grumbling under my breath I cleaned up the mess
Next year Betty can do my cooking
...While I buy a new DRESS!

Today we made peanut butter kiss cookies (4 dozen), Cashew Toffee and roll out sugar cookies (and frosted/decorated them) 6 dozen

Friday, December 11, 2009

Going to the Chapel and we're....Gonna get...


I recently took a trip to the fridged north country (aka Fargo, ND) where the temps hit a sweltering 14 degrees (that was the HIGH folks!!!) To see my brother, Joe get married to his (now) wife Dana. Together on Saturday, December 5, 2009 with their kids in tow tied the knot! Below are some pictures from their special day (and rehearsal dinner)

Welcome to the family, Dana, Jordan and Evan!

L to R (top) Joe, Janelle (that's me), Emmalyn (Joe's daughter)
L to R (bottom row) Bob (That's my dad), Paula (that's my pretty momma) and Nathan (Joe's son)

Joe and nemmy!

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