Sunday, July 6, 2008

Summer time!


Mr. Dare-devil himself!!

I've gotta get better and updating! I'm sorry guys, it's been in the back of my mind for a while now but everytime I sit down at the computer I forget. But here in the midst of insomnia I remembered!!

This summer has taken the two older boys up to Minnesota to visit with Grandma's and Grandpa for 5 weeks. They're lovin' every minute of it and would probably stay forever if they were allowed! hee hee...but alas, they must return home.

For the one's that were lucky enough to stay home with mom and dad, we've tried hard to make it a good summer for them as well. We started off by heading to the neighborhood pool, VBS, the zoo and a movie (Kung Fu Panda) played PIRATES,

A pirate says "arrrr!"....or "cheese!"

no "cheese" here, this is serious playing!

then we took our "vacation" last week over the 4th and went to Corpus Christi and stayed at my parents house--it was alot of fun, and cooler weather than we're used was over cast most of the trip but that was ok becuase the first 2 days we kinda got burned out in the pool.

Jillian swimming to dad! (pre ear-ache)

Jay and Aiden swimming at night

Jillian came down with an ear ache so that eliminated swimming for the last few days we were there but the highlight of our trip was going to San Antonio to Sea World!! That was so much fun and PERFECT weather!! We needed more than one day though!! we didn't get to see everything but we were very happy with what we did see and do.

We saw alot of shows 3 or 4 of them, here is Jay, Aiden and Jillian at one of them

We came home on July 5th and here I am at 6:07 (been up for 3 hours all ready) updating my blog. We've also had some down-time. Aiden and Jillian have been busy playing (or fighting) together, but I can tell that Aiden really misses his brothers. He's slept in Christian's room every night and I tihnk it's so he can be closer to Jillian's's hard when your roomate leaves for 5 weeks!

Just hangin' out,

dang its hard havng such cute kids! (hee hee)

is he normal?

Jillian is about 85% potty trained. Not at naps or bedtime and only the occassional accident. Who said potty training girls was easy!? holy cow I'm thinking that person never had a boy to compare it to! LOL

Jay got a new position within the same company. He's excited with it came a raise and the freedom to move wherever we'd like (after our house sells...which is hopefully soon...we are going to relist it soon I belive)

Jillian will be going to Princess Camp through her tippi toes program where they'll spend 4 hours each day dancing, singing, playing crafts and eating lunch. She's really missed tippi toes since the last session ended so I'm sure she'll have a blast!!

Aiden's in T-ball through the boys and girls club and is the "RED SOX" he declared the other day after catching a glimpse of the Boston Red Sox on tv that "there's a team named after my team!" he was shocked, excited and really loving the fact that they named it after HIS RED SOX! It was really funny. No games have been played yet, just practices...I'll keep you updated (hopefully) on how they do though!

Dad helping out!

going through the drills...


Aiden's final kinder program! (see the chunk of hair missing? (it's on the left in the front)...yeah mr. barber he's NOT!)

Last time I updated my kids were still in school, now I have a 1st grader, a 4th grader and an 8th grader!! They all passed with good marks and good behavior! whew!

Wii Fit!

Also to keep in shape we got the Wii Fit..(apparently you have to get DO it to get fit...mmm, they should tell you that on the package! hee hee) anyway here's pictures of Jillian doing it, and a video at the end of her too.

Dancing with the mii's

Yoga baby


Jillian doing the Wii

Finally here is a cute video from the that cracks Aiden up every time...a baby monkey pickin' at his booty...(yeah he's ALL boy!) This little guy was so funny though, he would hardly walk at all, instead he just rolled and back flipped and was just crazy!!! Jay said him and Aiden would get along GREAT!! they were both in their own world. Notice in the video that momma gorilla doesn't have 1 arm :( we don't know what happened to her but it was sad to see. Little baby didn't care though he still harassed her to no end! LOL. The zoo had so many baby animals, lots of baby from the monkey family, but also baby a giraffee, tiger, ducks, camels and goats in the petting zoo! I've never seen so many baby animals in the zoo before! it was so neat!! I stopped it kind of abruptly because I didn't think it was "appropriate" to have on tape, but after hearing Aiden howl at it I wish I would have let it go a little longer! LOL

Monkey scratch

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