Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas ROCKED!

Hi all-

Well as you can tell from the title of this post Christmas was awesome! Everyone had alot of fun...and got what they wanted (I hope) LOL.

We have some video of Christian opening what he wanted most (a Juke (a cell phone with MP3 player) we had him convinced he wasn't responsible enough for one just when he opened it up he was sooooo excited.

The other kids got stuff they wanted too...Bailey and Aiden got rip-sticks (I'll have to take pictures of them on 'em so you can see what they're like) Bailey's getting pretty good all ready! I'm impressesd

Aiden got a Nintendo DS (he now wants games for it for his b-day) and has hardly put it down, but better than that it's made Bailey start playing with his again. They've realized if they sit close enough together they can send messages from one DS to the Other...Bailey told me it was like having a Cell Phone with Text Messaging! LOL. He's cute.

They also go blendy pens, poke'mon cards, star wars guys, Poke'mon stadium, movies, games and just TOO MUCH! was a great day!

Jay was a happy camper when he opened up his new Dyson Vacuum cleaner! He was like "really? this is what's in it?" hahaha..yeah!! now for some of you it may seem weird that my husband gets a vacuum cleaner but if you know know that he's a cleaning fanatic..he loves to vacuum especially--so this was PERFECT..he even took my mom and dad's over the summer while they were in Minnesota and brought it to our house! hahaha, it was a great gift for him.

(I know it's sideways...I wasn't thinking straight, sorry)

As for Jillian she got a doll house (with furnishings and people) and babies and a shopping cart with boxes of food, a gymboree outfit that's adorable I can't wait until it warms up a tinch to put it on her! She had alot of fun opening her gifts and was really getting into it.

We made cookies for Santa and in the process got completely covered in frosting--Aiden did his on purpose but Jillian...that's just her little piggy self. :o)

As for me...I got exactly what I wanted: sewing items, a serger, an ipod docking station with a cd player/radio and clock in it. I also got a counter top mixer which I wanted and it comes with DOUGH hook attachements, which is PERFECT!! yeeeeeah!

The day was pretty much right on. The kids played nicely together, the meal was wonderful and the company...well I couldn't ask for better! So now that Christmas is over I'll wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR! I'll leave you with some pictures of our Christmas morning...

We weren't expecting company but when my father got sick and hand to cancel his trip to Colorado to visit my brother and his family we glady took them in and had a wonderful visit!

Friday, December 21, 2007

It's Beginning to feel alot like Christmas....exhausted!

Christmas Parties and undecorating the Kindergarten hall...that's my week in a nut shell.

Imagine this....270 glitter ornaments hanging from the ceiling, 30 beautifully wrapped presents, a twinkling christmas tree filled with oh-so-cute little apples, Letters proclaiming "santa's workshop" hanging at the enterance in adorable white string garland...what a sight to behold! it was so beautiful...I admired it one day as I was walking Aiden into class. That night, his teacher called and asked if I could come in the next morning and take it all down. Uh, sure, I can do my part, after all she educates my precious little one's mind every day. It's the least I could do.

I figure it'll take me an hour or hard can it be??

THREE hours later, Jillian and I both COVERED in glitter (grrr curse you glitter happy people!) from scalp to socks the hall was undecorated. Thanks to one other volunteer who came for about an hour we managed to accomplish it. I had no feeling in my shoulder from taking down said 270 glittering ornaments from the paper clip hooks attached to the ceiling panels. Jillian discovered the water fountain in the class room (thankfully an empty classroom we had free reign of) but in the meantime she soaked :o) all in all it was actually not too bad...I'd probably even do it again next year.

Today I volunteered (the only one) to help with Bailey's classroom party. Mind you this is the gifted and talented class so why shouldn't there be a sliding race, and a bodily noise contest....really it was very...uh...well, Charming? hahaha. It was Pajama Day at school so all the kids have on their PJ's including teachers.

You'll see from the video below that it was pretty much controlled chaos. No injuries were reported (but that doesn't mean one kid didn't hit his head on the floor, get up and do it again...yeah "gifted" my foot, "special" maybe but gifted??) The party food was voted on by the third graders...who opted OUT of having pizza and opted FOR snacks the two-table spread consisted of:

Dr. Pepper
Mountain Dew
3 Bags of Candy (Sweet tart chews, nerds, skittles)
I counted 5 boxes of Cupcaks (bakery kind with extra sugar frosting)
Chips (4 kinds)
Queso dip (2 kinds)
Cake (sugared frosting again)
Ham and cheese deli sandwiches
oh and someone was health conscious and brought Granola bars with chocolate chips. There were fruit cups--unopened and barely glanced at.

Needless to say I'm exhaused from trying to keep up, Jillian's in a sugar induced coma in her room sleeping off her sugar rush and the little one's are outside moving at the speed of light.

We also had programs this week. These were cute...well Bailey's was kinda--not so much. LOL

So enough gibber jabber...enjoy the video's and pictures and I'll report back later!! Have a wonderful BLESSED CHRISTmas and a Happy new year!!! Be safe and thank you to everyone who sent a christmas card and/or photo.

Bailey's Performance--it's Silent Night--they were learning about sound relations to size and what-not...I don't know it was strange to say the least. I'm so proud of Bailey though, look how good he stands with his instrument...not banging it around like the crazy kid next to him (who by the way was the one who kept hitting his head at the party (in the gray outfit)) LOL

Aiden's Winter's Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. To find Aiden locate the last row, he's the third from the left (the short one that you can't see) Sorry guys-it was the best I could do.

The parents you see in the background came for a picture and to drop off sugar..uh I mean treats and snacks then left. The man is the teachers hubby..he came to bring Queso Dip...then nearly RAN out of the room. LOL

Twister (it was the spanish verison which confused some kids as to which said "right hand" and "Left hand"...but they improvised...Jillian decided to jump in on the action here and in the background you'll see the sliding races (run, slide and see who goes the farthest) going on...they were "gifted" enough to go one at a time however..which was nice.

Can't say much about Christian this time around--he claims they sat at their empty desk and did nothing. My tax paying dollars hard at work! :o)

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Christmas Letter...

I'm stumped on what to write. For those that actually care about what's going on with my family--you know what's going on. You know that Bailey's 8, Christian's 13, Aiden's 5 and Jillian's 2. You know they're smart, beautiful and always--uh..mostly--er uh, ok hardly ever listen to me! You know this stuff...why must I write a generic letter stating the obvious..."WE'RE NORMAL and NOTHING HAS CHANGED!!" I've been sitting at my computer for 3 hours trying to come up with something--anything to send out--but I'm still here, blank screen in front of me, thank goodness the cursor no longer blinks like it used to in the 80's I'd have a migraine by now!

Anyone have any suggestions I can steal from you? :o) Anyone wanna write it for me?

I guess you'll find out in a couple days when you open your mailbox if I scrapped the whole letter writing idea this year or if my muse came back to me! :o)

Well enjoy the pictures...just a couple for now :o) There's some of Christian playing basketball with his friends. One of Aiden and Jillian, and some of Jillian in a couple outfits I'm either working on or made. There is a bodice for a dress I'm making and then a pants and top set I'll be listing on ebay in hopes it sells...

ENJOY! :o)

Tuesday, December 4, 2007



Yes it's true, I've been M.I.A due to being a P.O.W. in my own home.
I've not updated in..oh...let me think.....ah, yes...FOREVER!! why? because apparently I'm a prisoner of war in my own home, sweet home. The war being that of my children. *cough*middle two*cough* and their constant fighting!! Oh did I mention I'm also working in a
Kathy Lee Griffin sweat shop? Making bows for pennies a day?
Want the stories? ok sit back and enjoy.
voice 1: *as if calling into a deep dark cave he dare not enter* Moooooom?
"Can I get more Poke'mon cards?"
"No you have some"
"But not as many as Bailey does"
"That's cuz you keep giving them to the kids at school"
"Only the one's who don't have poke'mon card, oh and the one's who don't have very many"
"Which you'll soon be if you keep giving them all away"
"It's only one or two"
"I know but one or two each day is 5 or 10 a week"
"But Bailey has alot of Poke'mon cards"
"That's cuz Bailey never shares anything"
"Can I get more"
"No" (Again)
*insert one foot stomp and whine* "But Bailey has more than I do!"
"We've all ready had this conversation"
"But that's not fair"
"But you started out with the same amount"
"Insert Bailey coming in with his Poke'mon cards* Voice 2: "hey Aiden look at all my cards"
*insert tears* "See he's got a whole bunch and I don't have any!" *insert running away crying*
"Bailey why do you do that?"
*Insert innocent look* "What?" *insert naughty grin "I was just showing him my cards"
"Is that really necessary?"
*insert another bigger grin with hands out palms up..." What? I was just---" (he can't continue cuz he's about to laugh. *insert background noise of wailing coming from Aiden*
"Do you have to upset him like that?"
"Yes...I mean No!" *insert laugh*
"do it again and you'll get your cards taken away"
"Ok sorry"
Voice 2 walks off.
Voice 1 reenters, tear streaked face *calling into the cave again* "Moooooom?"
"Why can't I get more poke'mon cards?"
*mom thinking* because I'm gonna hunt down the inventor and suffocate him while he sleeps. "Didn't we have this converstation like five minutes ago?"
Voice 1: "But I really want some look I only have ....." *pauses to count* "10 cards, that's it and Bailey has like 17 hundred and sixty thousand."
Voice 2: "no I don't, Aiden, I have like 40!"
Voice 1: "FORTY!" *wailing begins again (like 4o is more than 17 hundred sixty thousand) *insert running off again*
"ok gimme the cards" *mom holds out hand*
Voice 2: "BUT MOM!" *mom's snapping fingers interrupt" "Ugh that's not fair, I didn't even do anything I just said I had like 40 cards, that's all!"
"I told you not to point stuff like that out to him, it just makes him upset and you know that!"
Voice 2: "UGH AIDEN!" *insert stomping off*
Now it gets good...both are upstairs ticked off... mom is in the kitchen trying to randomly throw stuff in a pan/pot/oven/microwave and hoping it turns into meal we can eat when I hear.
Voice 2: "SHUT UP AIDEN!"
Voice 1: "I'm telling mom you said Shut up!"
Voice 2: "then I'm telling her you said it too"
Voice 1: "but I didn't you did"
Voice 2: " Nu-uh you said it when you said "I'm telling mom you said SHUT UP!"
Voice 1&2 in unison: *tattling voice* MOOOOOOOOOM
*Mom from kitchen* "I Heard, I don't care, just stay up there"
Voice 1: But Bailey said "Shut up!"
*hollering from the kitchen* "I said I don't care, just keep it up there"
Voice 1: "Bailey Mom said you are in trouble and you have to stay in your room"
Voice 2: "She did NOT!"
Voice 1: *dark cave voice* Moooom, did you say Bailey has to stay in his room?"
"Only if your fighting with each other"
voice 1: "See we're fighting. You have to"
and so it continues for about a half hour---then Jay comes home. I amazingly grow another ear so I can hear about his day---keep my ears tuned into Jillian (cuz if I don't she'll be off doing who knows what, you've read my past posts...the girl is dangerous on her own!) *see below*
Right now I think it's time for a picture break:

Voice 1 and 2 :o) *don't let the pictures fool you...they really do fight* LOL

So you wanna know what Jillian's been up to?? ooookay. *ready?* (every time I ask that I can actually feel you cringe)

As you know we've taken down her crib and put her in a toddler bed. It's going 2 months ago...not so much!! we had the repainting of the room with poop. And then about 2 days later she apparently was going to change and realized she had nothing good to wear....hence the photos below of her room after she emptied 2 drawers in her dresser! Clothes everywhere---you can see in the 1st pic she's pretty darn proud of herself....

But not for she is getting into trouble...she's not fond of sitting in "time out" but she does sit there....bawling until I tell her it's ok to get out. Then the water works are turned off and playing begins again...really she'll be an oscar winner some day with those skills.

Oh last Friday she was out back playing around and she laid on an ant hill...she probably got bitten 100 times. Poor little thing...she's a train wreck...she had 33 of them on one hand alone!! She just was saying "Owww, Ouch, Owww" Bailey started yelling "ANTS! mom Ants are everywhere" they were in her clothes, diaper, hair...everywhere!!! I took her clothes off, tossed her in a bath and gave her tylenol---she wanted to go back out within the hour. When I finally let her go out again she went right back to the ant hill...HELLO!?!?! can you say "short bus"?? talk about a slow learner...sheeze. I had to bring her in for the night and then spray it the next day with ant killer while she slept.

Ahh my calm child...Christian. He finished footbal up and is currently trying out for the basketball team. The last day of tryouts is Wednesday (tomorrow) then they'll be posting the one's who made the cut late this week or early next week...stay tuned!!! In Football they came in 2nd in their division. They lost 2 times (to the same team...which is Sharyland South--when they get to highschool Sharyland (christian's school) and Shary south will merge and become one highschool) but it was a fun ride and Christian was really sad to see it end. It really brought him alot of joy to play every day and have games every week. I hope he makes the basketball team to give him some of that back.

Here he is...
Well for Halloween we had a pack 'o pirates :o) (I didn't make Jillian's outfit (or the boys') but friend of mine made her turned out sooo sooo cute!! I love it!!

Christian is "too cool" to dress up so he went to a friends house and played football with the "guys" and ate candy. Meanwhile the rest of us hit the streets to beg for candy...ahhh, gotta love halloween!! Jillian, Aiden and Bailey (below) in costume:

For Thanksgiving we went to Corpus Christi where it was FREEZING COLD!! LOL...high 40's low 50's but man alive it felt colder considering that the day before was mid 80's! My mom and I got up and went to the Black Friday sales...which was reallyquite enjoyable this year. We chatted with some people in Circut City and got some great deals in a number of stores...I got all my christmas shopping done, thankyouverymuch!


OH we made a ginger bread house too---here's some pictures of me and the kids and jay trying to get this thing to work! LOL. The roof kept slipping off...eventually the candy was picked off and we tossed it in the garbage...but it was a fun memory (hopefully) for the kids.

The weekend before Thanksgiving I had my very first craft was alot of fun!! my mom came down to help me but I worked my butt off all week tyring to get prepared and failed on teh business aspect of it...but I did get enough bows made. I didn't do as well as I would have liked but the traffic coming though was light and I did good overall I think. Here's some pictures of all the bows I made...I was pooped at the end of that week! LOL I've also been sewing which I've found alot of enjoyment out of's a top I made Jillian...

Finally my Christmas cards are being I'll send some pictures when they come--not even a sneak preview for you guys--no no, I'm not--ok one sneak preview (I made Jillian's outift)...but that's it! no more!! (this is NOT the picture on the card) but Aiden looks 3 sheets to the wind and Jillian's well yes, she really does have that big of a mouth..hahaha!! ahhh love my babies!! all 4 of them...even though they've held me as a P.O.W. for the past 2 months!!

Have a great holiday season and I'll do better about updating I PROMISE! :o)

Till later


Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Jillian's new bed!! :o)

Here's her new bed!

Little Angel to lil Devil in 1 week!?

So my sweet perfect little baby girl has become the spawn of satan in a little over 1 week. The terrible two's have hit. Full force like Hurrican Jillian (comparable to Katrina only a direct hit on the Miller house hold)

Let's recap, shall we?

Once upon a time there lived a sweet little baby girl named..oh we'll protect the not-so-innocent and call her "Jilly". She had 3 brothers a mom and dad that all adored her. One day she decided she could crawl out of bed and practiced this until she had it down pat. So loving mommy and daddy converted her bed to a toddler bed for her so she wouldn't fall out of her crib and smash her head open. Wasn't that thoughtful?

After a night of screaming, crying and acting like we were torturing her at a terrorits prison--she got used to her new bed. Mom, stupidly though, wow that wasn't too bad!! and gave herself a little pat on the back.

Fast forward to day 3 in her new bed. Mommy had a friend over and had put "Jilly" down for a nap. About an hour later "Jilly" came down stairs naked as the day she as born, with poop all over her leg and hiney--gross and highly about lady-like!! good greif! So I scoop up the little poop monster and carry her upstairs only to realize she took off her diaper, and sat down to play....each place she sat in her room I could tell thanks to the little skid marks she left behind. (oh and the top of the stairs where she sat down before she headed down to show off her nakedness) So I throw her in the tub, scrub the dried poop off her and clean her room with carpet cleaner, clorox wipes and change her bedding. Put her back in bed where she falls asleep. GROSS! Mom decides to tell Dad about this little adventure, and biggest bubba over hears, him and dad have a great laugh over that....little does daddy know his turn is about to come around. *evil laugh*

Next day--Mommy and Jillian have MOPS!! YEAH!! Daddy stays home sick from work but when I get home I'm exhausted (I'm fighing sickness too) and I tell him I'm taking a nap. We put "Jilly" in bed and I hit the sack too. I wake up about 2 hours late to Daddy freaking out over the baby monitor. All you hear is "Oh my....." then silence. Shock has set in. The sweet little baby (who's conversion to lil devil is almost complete) has gotten the diaper pail open and guessed it...a poopy diaper and thought her room (which is sweet and pretty) was too sweet for a little devil like herself and gave it a make over....she "repainted" Or should I said "re-pooped" her dresser, changing table, the carpet again and herself. Needless to say I stayed "sleeping" until it was all cleaned up...I tried really hard not to laugh when he retold me the story--I mean REALLY tried...but it didn't work.


Think because your little in this house your safe from Osama Bin-Jillian....WRONG!!! From coloring on homework to eating the chips out of your lunch no one is safe!! Her favorite past time has been waking up at 5:15 and crawling up onto Bailey's the process she's managed to wake up both Aiden and Bailey. How could we have spawned such a little terror! By day she's back to hurricane Jillian, pulling movie down from the shelves, throwing toys out of her toy box, raiding the pantry or refusing to sit in her highchair. All this in a very tiring 7-10 wonder I needed a nap!


shockingly I do have time for my other kids. Christian's first game was a loss against North Shary :o( 14-0. Christian got a sack though and played very well. Pictures below:

Aiden is coming along really well in school. He is very happy and go-lucky and his teacher says he's always smiling and just a joy to be around!

Bailey's enjoying learning the solar system! He's got a comic book project on it due friday, it'll be neat to see what he comes up with, he's pretty creative when the mood strikes him. Here's a picture of the two little one's taken this morning.

Friday, September 14, 2007

1 Little Monkey Crawling out of bed!

So yesterday Jillian crawled out of her crib at nap time (when it was over) and came walking out with a "Hi momma"...scared the beegeebee's outta me...think it was a one time fluke...WRONG! I put her to bed last night--she came walking out about 10 minutes later, went and sat on the couch and watched daddy play the Wii for a while until she was noticed. Scared the beegeebee's outta him! LOL

so she's a stinker---we'll keep the crib up a while longer but soon we'll be converting her crib to her toddler baby is growing up so quickly!!!

Here's some pictures of her my little ape girl...and I'm gonna try again to see if I can get the video to download on here too.


Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Been a While

Hi guys-

it's been a while since I've updated...ever have those weeks where you just find you woke up and suddenly it's time for bed and you just can't really pin-point where the heck the day went...welcome to my week!!

Ok on to the stuff you guys came here to read about--the KIDS!

Christian AKA... #37!

He was told Friday he would be starting Middle Line Backer at the game on Saturday morning. He was estatic!! He said to me after the "game" (you'll see why it's in " " in a moment) that he prayed he'd be starting MLB and his prayers were anwered. hee hee...YEAH! (we told him next time to be more specific and add..."and actually PLAY the game"

So we get up and get ready all decked out in our Sharyland Rattlers Shirts, get Christian to the school by 8:30 am.

We arrive around 9:45 for the 10:00 am game vs. Hidalgo...10:30 arrives...still no team to play!! Hidalgo never showed up, apparently they were playing Progresso!! Rattlers win by default :o) The kids were really disappointed and said they'd rather have played and lost than win by default :o( Poor guys...their next game is the maybe they'll get to play. OH! did I mention they chage us admission to our own son's 7th grade game?! hahahhaa...a buck a person (including Jillian!) hahahaha...who knew!

STARTING @ Middle Line Backer--#37, Christian Miller!!

Christian and the defensive team as well as the coach!

Also, Christian was Captian of the defense on Saturday (I'm not sure if that's a whole year thing or a game to game thing) Here's some pictures of them warming up!! (he's number 37)

Waiting for his turn--mr. baggy pants! LOL


Bailey at Christian's "game"

Bailey went to a b-day party this weekend (actually we all did cuz it was a BBQ for everyone--it was really fun and we got to meet some new people...maybe we can survive here for a little longer! LOL)


Crazy Face Aiden! LOL

Last night Aiden got homework for the first time--it took him 3 hours!!! So I went to talk to his teacher today--again miscommunication runs amuck here--but staying involved is one way to help solve that. Tonight should go more smoothly...but having a kindergartener write out their numbers 1-100 was a little excessive, considering he didn't even know 2, 5 and 7---something he knows NOW!! (after mom and dad helped him)


Jillian's face is healing great...almost all gone now!! WOO HOO!! she's enjoying being home alone I think...she just roams around upstairs while I check my e-mail playing with her new kitchen and in her room reading books. Then we'll sit and read and play--she makes a mean cup of tea!! LOL...and it's a never ending supply!! So be warned if you take one sip you'll be drinking tea an hour later!!

She enjoyed going to christian's game..she loves looking for birds (and the moon) as long as there was a healthy supply of snacks and juice she was just fine :o)

Dad and Sissy

Mom and JilliFaith

As for Jay and I, we're just busy with work, home and kids. I'm trying to get my new webstite up and running, (nothing there yet!) and Jay's getting hsi fantasy football team up and running (LOL) other than that...nothing else to report!! Oh I got my hair cut! :o) Pictures of that later--maybe--I'm not thrilled with you may have to just wait until it grows out a little

Oh we got the Wii this weekend for the kids (for Christmas) since Christian was with us we gave it to them to play all ready--hopefully they won't forget it's for CHRISTMAS! LOL...but here's some video of them playing as well as my crazy baby being herself!! ENJOY!! until next time...

For some reason I can't get another Video to show up--so I'll post that later!!! until then enjoy the one of the boys playing their Wii

Boys Boxing--BACK UP, BAILEY!!