Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Little Angel to lil Devil in 1 week!?

So my sweet perfect little baby girl has become the spawn of satan in a little over 1 week. The terrible two's have hit. Full force like Hurrican Jillian (comparable to Katrina only a direct hit on the Miller house hold)

Let's recap, shall we?

Once upon a time there lived a sweet little baby girl named..oh we'll protect the not-so-innocent and call her "Jilly". She had 3 brothers a mom and dad that all adored her. One day she decided she could crawl out of bed and practiced this until she had it down pat. So loving mommy and daddy converted her bed to a toddler bed for her so she wouldn't fall out of her crib and smash her head open. Wasn't that thoughtful?

After a night of screaming, crying and acting like we were torturing her at a terrorits prison--she got used to her new bed. Mom, stupidly though, wow that wasn't too bad!! and gave herself a little pat on the back.

Fast forward to day 3 in her new bed. Mommy had a friend over and had put "Jilly" down for a nap. About an hour later "Jilly" came down stairs naked as the day she as born, with poop all over her leg and hiney--gross and highly embrassing...talk about lady-like!! good greif! So I scoop up the little poop monster and carry her upstairs only to realize she took off her diaper, and sat down to play....each place she sat in her room I could tell thanks to the little skid marks she left behind. (oh and the top of the stairs where she sat down before she headed down to show off her nakedness) So I throw her in the tub, scrub the dried poop off her and clean her room with carpet cleaner, clorox wipes and change her bedding. Put her back in bed where she falls asleep. GROSS! Mom decides to tell Dad about this little adventure, and biggest bubba over hears, him and dad have a great laugh over that....little does daddy know his turn is about to come around. *evil laugh*

Next day--Mommy and Jillian have MOPS!! YEAH!! Daddy stays home sick from work but when I get home I'm exhausted (I'm fighing sickness too) and I tell him I'm taking a nap. We put "Jilly" in bed and I hit the sack too. I wake up about 2 hours late to Daddy freaking out over the baby monitor. All you hear is "Oh my....." then silence. Shock has set in. The sweet little baby (who's conversion to lil devil is almost complete) has gotten the diaper pail open and found....you guessed it...a poopy diaper and thought her room (which is sweet and pretty) was too sweet for a little devil like herself and gave it a make over....she "repainted" Or should I said "re-pooped" her dresser, changing table, the carpet again and herself. Needless to say I stayed "sleeping" until it was all cleaned up...I tried really hard not to laugh when he retold me the story--I mean REALLY tried...but it didn't work.


Think because your little in this house your safe from Osama Bin-Jillian....WRONG!!! From coloring on homework to eating the chips out of your lunch no one is safe!! Her favorite past time has been waking up at 5:15 and crawling up onto Bailey's bunk....in the process she's managed to wake up both Aiden and Bailey. How could we have spawned such a little terror! By day she's back to hurricane Jillian, pulling movie down from the shelves, throwing toys out of her toy box, raiding the pantry or refusing to sit in her highchair. All this in a very tiring 7-10 days....no wonder I needed a nap!


shockingly I do have time for my other kids. Christian's first game was a loss against North Shary :o( 14-0. Christian got a sack though and played very well. Pictures below:

Aiden is coming along really well in school. He is very happy and go-lucky and his teacher says he's always smiling and just a joy to be around!

Bailey's enjoying learning the solar system! He's got a comic book project on it due friday, it'll be neat to see what he comes up with, he's pretty creative when the mood strikes him. Here's a picture of the two little one's taken this morning.

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