Friday, September 14, 2007

1 Little Monkey Crawling out of bed!

So yesterday Jillian crawled out of her crib at nap time (when it was over) and came walking out with a "Hi momma"...scared the beegeebee's outta me...think it was a one time fluke...WRONG! I put her to bed last night--she came walking out about 10 minutes later, went and sat on the couch and watched daddy play the Wii for a while until she was noticed. Scared the beegeebee's outta him! LOL

so she's a stinker---we'll keep the crib up a while longer but soon we'll be converting her crib to her toddler baby is growing up so quickly!!!

Here's some pictures of her my little ape girl...and I'm gonna try again to see if I can get the video to download on here too.



carleigh said...

janelle, that is so funny!! zach did that once, until i realized that the side was down a little. i've tried putting him in his little car bed, but he still prefers his crib which is fine with me!!

Anonymous said...

When you next update, would like a picture of her "new" bed. AnonoMOM