Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Spring time!

Hi guys!!

Wow it's been so long since I've updated, sorry!! Life has been one crazy ride! I think we're waiting in line for the next ride right now so while I wait I've decided to update and let ya'll know what's been happening here.

In my last post I mentioned Jillian was potty training, but we're back to square one with that. She's in diapers and is a little stubborn about this...so I'm not pushing it. She knows what to do but this is her little power trip, may as well let her have it for a couple more months. In the mean time she's singing her ABC's, counting to 12 and reading books galore! We bought some ABC flash cards and she managed to identify 20 letters. Vowels are giving her some problems along with H, J, X and Y

Too cool for potty training

Helen came to visit in March, which was fun. She had a ball playing with the kids (outside of course, since she's from Minnesota and it was freezing up there still!) they played baseball and went to the park and read books. It was a great time and we hope to see her soon!! While she was here we went to a Japanese Steakhouse and that was an experience I don't think the boys will soon forget. It was so fun!! I loved it! (pictures below)

Helen and the younger 3 after their backyard baseball game

My handsome boys!!

Japanese Steakhouse...Jillian's in shock and awe

Christian started football training again. They're getting familiar with the positions and trying a new spot every day. He's thrilled! He's been very responsible with his phone, grades and staying out of trouble. He's a great kid and he's growing up to be a great young man. We're very very proud of him!

Bailey and Aiden are doing great in school, making friends and adjusting pretty well to life in the Valley. While it's not our ideal place to live it's much better than it was a year ago! We're all being accepted and fitting in better than we have in the past.

cute isn't he?

Jillian has joined tippi toes (ballet) and it's a mommy and me class, it KICKS my butt! LOL, she loves it and honestly I do too, it's so fun and creative. We do that on Wednesday mornings. She wears a leotard and tights with ballet shoes, it's sooo stinkin' cute!! I love it.

Just Mom and Me hanging out

Aiden learned to ride his two-wheeler bike around his b-day (feb) and man alive that kid took two days to learn on his own--no one to tell him what to do, it was simply "Dad can you take the training wheels off my bike" when Jay did he jumped up there and learned how to ride lickey-split.

Jay and I are both good. We're getting ready to head up to Houston for a baseball tourneyment with his company, so while he's playing ball all day I'll be spending time with my old friends and catching up on all the gossip and seeing all the kids again. I sure miss them, terribly!! I cherish the time I get to spend with them each time around this year. 9 hours is way to far!! lol

Well enjoy the few pictures I've put up, I'll try to add more this week.

Here "Soapie" no need to feed yourself!
On a serious note my father was diagnosed with Lung Cancer, he went into the hospital on Wendesday and they removed his lower lobe in his lung, the belive they got it all and it hasn't spread. Thankfully they don't see a need for Chemo, but he will be rechecked every 3 months with a cat scan. We thank God for his continued hand in this and are so thankful we can enjoy our father even longer!! Thank you to everyone who prayed and kept my family and the doctors in your thoughts.

HUGS from Mission!