Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Have you ever...

Written a little "you-cheated-me-out-of-dinner" Letter to a company??

Last night the menu said we were to have Taco's. Easy enough, right? In theory! Reality is much different than theory I've found. I got out my meat, browned it up and seasoned it just so, grated up cheese, pre-heated the oven for baking the taco shells and was all prepared...when I opened up the box of Taco shells I was happy to find that only one out of the six hard shells was cracked. I opened the 2nd half of the package (6 hard shells/6 soft shells) and find that I think I got the package that got attacked by a wild boar! they're torn and broken and crumbling...I couldn't even find ONE to use.

My taco dinner for six consisted of six taco's. One each. That was soooooo not going to work. Bailey ended up having a hot pocket and Christian had an omelet. The rest of us had the taco's. I had tons of meat that I just threw out. I wasn't a very happy camper but after a little note to El Paso--I felt much better. Hey, I'm on a budget, I can't be wasting money like that without chewing someone out!!! They shouldn't be selling products that people can't use either!

When I was a little girl I used to sit up on the counter tops and "help" my aunt Katy bake cookies (if helping means eating the dough) Yesterday morning I decided to make the kids Blueberry muffins and Jillian really wanted to I popped her up on the counter and let her have at it. I've really gotta start doing her hair before I whip out my camera--these early morning pictures make me look like a negligent mom!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Check it out ------------------------------------>

I can't decide if Jillian's going to be Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz or at 50's girl with a poodle me decide...cast a vote!!! The winning answer I'll be making--so HURRY, I only have 30 days!

Like Mother; Like Daughter

I confess...I didn't do my Bible Study homework this week. (In my defense, I was kinda sorta busy...) Fine, I'll blow off Bible Study...I can come up with million and one reason why I shouldn't go, and deep down I know that there aren't any reason, I have this week, good enough to skip. But I'm so blowing it off anyway. Until---my eyes pop open at 5 am...(remember how I posted I've been so tired for the past couple weeks) suddenly I'm wide awake when I KNOW I could use another hour and a half of sleep, I can't get it...I toss and turn for about 15-20 minutes, all the while knowing I need to do my Bible Study homework. Finally, I Obey that inner-voice and get up and do my homework...

This is exactly what my mom does...she'll call me and tell me she's been up since 4 am for some reason or another---and she can't get back to sleep until she completes the task at hand. How I wish God could have spoken to me at 5 pm rather than am....then again, his timing is perfect cuz at 5 pm my house is chaos supreme. At 5 am...silences (except for the occasional Kirby-cat "MEOW")

So today I'm off to bible study--fully prepared, too boot!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

I have a FOLLOWER!!!

It's a happy day---I woke up and logged in and saw I have a follower!! Yeah Mom, thanks!!

I've got quite a few embroidery projects lined up for the beginning of this week for my dear friend, Stacey. She is the head of the Celiac foundation for the Red River Valley (that's in North Dakota) and they're having a silent auction on the 3rd (Of this month!!) so I have to get moving!! waiting on a few designs to be delivered to my inbox and then I can get to work. Monday is when I'm planning to do all my work, Tuesday is when I'm planning on sending it out (after Bible Study)...speaking of Bible Study the procrastinator in my hasn't done my homework. I've been struggling with...well, staying awake! I am soooo tired lately. I think I'm fighting something off cuz I've had headaches 3 nights/mornings this week.

Friday I'm heading down to the free music in the park that they hold here locally. My friend Vanessa and I are going to be putting up a craft booth to sell our hard work :) If you happen to be local and in the Archer Park area stop by!!

For now though it's football day---friends, food and football...when I say football...I mean...ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL day in GO-TO-CHURCH-SO-I'LL-BE-SAVED-WHEN-I-DIE-FROM-TOO-MUCH-FOOTBALL day. I wouldn't mind this so much if it were one, maybe two games...but it's never just one or's like 12..back and forth between one game and the next...I get dizzy watching the channels flip back and forth. Then when football is over---it's ESPN for reviews of the game. This is over a 24 hour affair....cuz it spills into Monday night. However, I love my guy so I don't say too much about it. It makes him happy--that makes me happy---and sometimes I can sneak in a nap! :oP

So that about sums up the day for me. Football, Football and *Sigh* Football. How about you?

Friday, September 25, 2009


This post is all about disasters :) Lucky for me I have a whole slew of them waiting to be written about.
1) as you can tell by what Jillian is wearing...she is a FASHION disaster!! (side note: Jay was impressed that the stripes at least were all "stripey"--I'm not 100% sure what that means--but I wanted to throw it out there) he also noted that if she were color blind she'd go perfectly! Thankfully, I think she can see in a rainbow of colors and just wanted to put something on to go out back and play with the dog. Not to mention it's like 7 am and her hair hasn't seen a brush for a good 12 don't look too closely!

2) Last night Christian got to play in his football game...the starting QB got hurt in the middle of the 2nd quarter (knee) so Christian got a shot (they won 22-0--woo hoo!!) and since we've had some rain the past 3 days (WOO HOO!!!!) that made for a VERY muddy football field. So the coach sent the pads home with the kids to be cleaned up....(thanks, oh-so-much...that means more laundry--and we all know how I feel about THAT !)
Back to the pads and uniform....THE SMELL!! oh heaven help me the smell was like something out of a litter box. It reeked of cat was so nasty we tossed the jersey and pants in the washing machine ASAP and the pads/helmet got a liberal dousing with Febreez. I swear he'll smell more like flowers than sweat...and I'll be happy for it! they dried over night and smell fresh and nice again. Thank-goodness!!!

Aiden tried on the pads and helmet and it was too cute not to snap some quick pictures of him being his usual adorable self. And Bailey in the background being his usual lil self too. LOL...once Aiden tried them on they all wanted to try them on. Christian kindly got down with the boys and strapped them in. Which promptly turned into a tackle 7:15 this morning.

Yes, Bailey's wearing shorts with a short sleeve tee shirt and Aiden has on a sweatshirt with jeans...can YOU guess how hot/cold it is here today?! :)
***Hint...don't refer back to the 4 year old...she thinks everyday is "shorts" day!***
Looks like he's ripping his ear off huh?
Biggest disaster of the day (so's early...I may have more to post later...)
These are Christians cleats from Football last night, really, the pictures don't do them justice...they were so dirty they were kept out in the garage---I do believe the cat "odor" was coming from I ask myself...since these have been at school since a week before school started in his locker...does the ground stink this bad or do they have stray cats at the school that have decided to make a bed out of my sons shoes!? Either way--N-A-S-T-Y! you know that feeling where you think you continue to smell something even after it's all you've got something stuck in your nose...just taunting you with that horrific odor...ugh that's me today--I smell it everywhere! I took the laces out of the shoes washed them with soap and hung them to dry---then moved on to the shoes themselves...a few gag-reflexes later I have succeeded...did I mention I sprayed them liberally with Febreez?! He'll smell like a freakin field of daisy's when I'm finished with him...but he will not STINK!!! How he could stand to wear people could stand to be around him when he was wearing it!?!? He said on the way out the door..." Yeah the locker room is like 10 times stinkier than that!" (you'll have to excuse me I feel another gag-reflex coming on) *GAG*


and finally, My blog is such a disaster that I have NO followers!!! it's a sad sad day when a blog can't even get the authors mom to follow it! (yeah I'm talking to you momma!) my poor, lonely blog.....*single tear drop on the keyboard*

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Picture day...

Today is school picture day!! yes, folks it's that time again for over priced pictures of my kids!!! Can I get a "Whooo!"

here's what the kids decided to wear (OK, I confess...Jay and I decided)
We've only bought school photos once or twice....they are seriously over-priced--like (1) 8x10, (2) 5x7 and (8) wallets for like 42 bucks! I prefer to take them to Portrait Innovations where I get too many to hand out for 100 bucks. LOL...I know I'm saving soooooooo much money that way, huh!? At least I feel like I'm getting a better value (and I am!)

Then there's lil miss Jillian...she's all preppy today in a skirt I made her the other day. I wish I had more of this fabric, I LOVE IT! It's actually flannel--but the color scheme is just right up my alley..I love it!! I wish I had time to make a peasant top to go with it, even a vest over the top would have been cute too....but this will work for now. I'm on the look out for more plaid fabrics now though cuz I love the look of this little skirt, my mind is whirling with ideas and grand dreams of sending her off to Kinder next year with a whole wardrobe made from me....won't happen I know but man to be that good!!! *SIGH*
Here are 3 out of 4 of my crazy kids...taken this morning at 7:30 am!
(that early and they're all smiling...pretty proud of myself right about now!)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

All in a days "work"

Ok so it's not really "work" for me to sew...I enjoy it when things go my way---I wanna cry when things go badly.

I love fabrics, patterns, embroidery designs, pretty colored threads...oh the hours I could spend shopping for these items if I only had the money!

I usually get my fabric home and look at it blankly wondering what to make with it, on a side note, at the store I always have visual ideas, grand ideas (that are so out of my sewing reach it's flat out pathetic) but grand ideas they are!! I think..."oh I've seen something made that would be so cute with this fabric" or "Ohh I remember seeing something on that I could remake with this fabric or that design" then I rush home to make it, only to realize it's 15 minutes before the kids get home and hauling out my sewing machine, serger and supplies just wouldn't be worth it in the I place it in my "stash" and think...TOMORROW!!! ***fast forward 3 months*** new pattern in hand...and rummaging through my fabrics...this one? that one? oh this is would be cute...what did I buy to coordinate with it?? no, not that...this, eh, it would work but not exactly what I'm looking for....maybe a run to the store---and so the cycle begins again.

However when I ran across this blog and found this amazing pattern, I figured...may as well try it...looks easy enough and I knew exactly what fabric I wanted to use!!! I started at around 10 and finished at 12:20...factor in a phone call, starting a movie, folding the dreaded laundry (twice) I think I did pretty darn good!! and it's super cute!! Just look at my little muffin ball!!

Last night I whipped this little gem out too---it took all of 10 minutes (from finding a tee shirt to completing the stitch at the bottom) Jillian's quite impressed! (hard for me to impress that little stinker) I really am not that eco-friendly--I'll never remember to bring this to the grocery store but I know that Jillian will use it for play and Aiden can take it to sleep overs...I'll make some for the other boys for sleepovers too when I find a "manly" tee shirt :)

Puppy Market

Tails from Today...
We've made it clear that when our beloved Kirby-cat passes on (which could be YEARS from now) that we'd get a new dog. In the true nature of a 4 year old, she is off shopping at her very own puppy market...
She scattered her pups out around the house, then took her shopping cart and off she went. Last night she declared "I'm a great shopper, Mom!" Indeed, you are, Jillian!! Notice there are THREE puppies in her cart...yeah, I'm thinking my house will be more of a zoo--sooner than I'm wanting.

Today is also Laundry day---woo.....hoo. is there anyone out there--besides my mom and aunt Katy (side note, how did I miss this genetic anomaly?) that loves laundry day??? I know it's NOT me. I truly HATE laundry day. I think it's the idea that even when I'm done with my laundry--I'm not *really* done...after all I have 6 bodies that are wearing multiple pieces of clothes....about 2 loads worth when you factor in pj's that they'll wear later that night. Just thinking about it exhausts me....those with one child...reading this---yeah you hush, you have NO clue! LOL. Thank goodness I have a fabulous husband that likes laundry done so much he'd rather do it himself than wait. :) I try to do it on Wednesdays and Saturday's...he does "fill-in" *cough*everyotherday*cough* laundry. Not sure how I got so lucky marrying that one, but you won't hear me complain. :o)
So as I work on the couple loads of laundry (yes I necessary evil--I know, but it doesn't mean I have to like it) Jillian's shopping for puppies, it's a rainy day and I'm actually in a mellow mood enjoying the over-cast, and looking for a sewing project to sink my teeth into. Any suggestions?! I'd like to make something for myself...just not sure what!! (and between you and me, I'm really bad at reading paper patterns! LOL)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Mickey D's

so after bible study Jillian and I headed to the store then McDonalds...again...I know this has to stop...those high calorie french fries just whisper softly to my thighs...begging, pleading with me...and who am I to we went through the drive through today (because I have ice cream sandwiches in the car---heaven forbid they melt--cuz then the salty would be incomplete without the sweet as they stick to my thighs)

any-who! my goodness...try ordering a mushroom cheese burger with just cheese, mushrooms and meat down here...I may as well be playing charades with the intercom!

"No, NOT mustard...MUSHROOMS!" as in MUSHROOM cheeseburger....
"so you want no mushrooms but mustard?'
" No...I want a MUSHROOM Cheeseburger plain..NO CONDIMENTS!" (my bad, too big of a word for drive through, I realized my error immediately!)
"No what?" Shame on me...try again...
"I want a MUSHROOM CHEESEBURGER with meat, mushrooms and cheese only...."
"Anything else?" she asks me.

I read the screen, holding my order, (plain with mustard; no mushrooms) my stomach lets out an angry what if there's mustard on it, FEED ME, it's telling me. My brain and tastes buds are going into hyper-drive...NO MUSTARD! WE DON'T LIKE MUSTARD!! they're screaming. I'm conflicted...what to do, what to do!?

"No that's not right" I hear myself say "I don't want mustard."
"So just meat and cheese" I seriously wonder if I'm on Punk'd with Ashton Kutcher! Only hold up, I'm not a celebrity, except in my own mind....should I try to explain it again or just sit in my car and cry, I could refuse to move until they get it straight and block up the drive-through line for hours...(cuz I think that's how long it would take to have them figure it out)

I go for option 4....pull up to the window and go face-to-face. In the end it all got worked out...I'm the crazy lady who just wanted meat, cheese and mushrooms...sadly, it wasn't even that good...I'm sticking with Chicken Nuggets....besides what meal is worth ALL that work!?

Friday, September 18, 2009

Whew..I'm back!

Well it's been a super long time *cough*likeayear*cough* since I've blogged! wowza! but I'm feeling the creative bug again...first let's update everyone:

Christian is almost 15 (I KNOW RIGHT!?!?! ugh) and will be going to do his drivers Education soon. He's in 9th grade playing football and possibly transfering High Schools from the public one to Med High which is a charter one with emphasis on medical careers. Here's a photo of him in his football uniform (number8)

Bailey is 10 and in 5th grade and playing his first year of Flag good! :) Bailey's got a pay-as-you-go-phone...honestly if I knew texting would occupy so much of his time I may have gotten him one this summer and saved myself some arguing between Aiden and come no one shares these tips with me?? Why did you let me flounder by myself out there waiting for the "AH-HA" moment to strike. I'm blonde, take pity!!

Aiden is 7, in 2nd grade, and plays baseball (with daddy as a coach/pitcher) and has been playing for 4 seasons now...really likes it and is getting so much better than that first season when it was just fun to watch the planes fly buy and twirl around in the outfield while throwing his mitt in the air. Now he's at the pitchers spot :) Here's Aiden's updated picture...yeah..don't ask, I don't know. He's in his own world 99.9% of the time. apparently the game was MUCH more interesting upside down.

Jillian is 4, sweet as can be. She's starting to read a little bit and learning to write her letters. She goes to MOPS with me and Bible Study but no preschool. Here's her updated photo with daddy---yeah have I mentioned she gets a little excited at times! LOL and another of her imitating the Cheerleaders...GO RATT-LERS!!

Jay and I are the same. LOL...really after so many years doing the same thing it's hard to come up with things to you just sit here and update everyone on your kids, which we all ready know is the only reason you come here.

but what I really wanted to blog about is not just updates...I want to start just jotting down random-ness in my life.

Let's take for example:

Today Christian forgot his posterboard in the back of Jay's car. He contacted him and asked if he'd bring it back to school...sure not a problem....woah wait..yeah there is...HS is a closed campus..meaning you aren't allowed on the campus except in the office...which seems silly to me because really--if anyone with a High schooler knows one is gonna steal one...they're a major Pain in the---ahem...yeah anyway back to my Jay calls and asks me if I can run it up...sure sure...whatever. I get there...they won't hold the poster board either! The office doesn't "hold" items for the student. Ok fine, can you call him to come get it? Nope, we don't interrupt class....grrrr....I'm TRYING HERE LADY, can you work with ME?! at all??? no?? not even one little bit---no...have a seat wait until the bell rings then we'll call him to the office. SERIOUSLY!? yeah, 100% seriously. I babysat a piece of posterboard for 15 minutes...then Christian got a tardy for being late to class. Ahhh the wonderful world of High School in the Valley. :D