Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Mickey D's

so after bible study Jillian and I headed to the store then McDonalds...again...I know this has to stop...those high calorie french fries just whisper softly to my thighs...begging, pleading with me...and who am I to deny....so we went through the drive through today (because I have ice cream sandwiches in the car---heaven forbid they melt--cuz then the salty would be incomplete without the sweet as they stick to my thighs)

any-who! my goodness...try ordering a mushroom cheese burger with just cheese, mushrooms and meat down here...I may as well be playing charades with the intercom!

"No, NOT mustard...MUSHROOMS!" as in MUSHROOM cheeseburger....
"so you want no mushrooms but mustard?'
" No...I want a MUSHROOM Cheeseburger plain..NO CONDIMENTS!" (my bad, too big of a word for drive through, I realized my error immediately!)
"No what?" Shame on me...try again...
"I want a MUSHROOM CHEESEBURGER with meat, mushrooms and cheese only...."
"Anything else?" she asks me.

I read the screen, holding my order, (plain with mustard; no mushrooms) my stomach lets out an angry growl...so what if there's mustard on it, FEED ME, it's telling me. My brain and tastes buds are going into hyper-drive...NO MUSTARD! WE DON'T LIKE MUSTARD!! they're screaming. I'm conflicted...what to do, what to do!?

"No that's not right" I hear myself say "I don't want mustard."
"So just meat and cheese" I seriously wonder if I'm on Punk'd with Ashton Kutcher! Only hold up, I'm not a celebrity, except in my own mind....should I try to explain it again or just sit in my car and cry, I could refuse to move until they get it straight and block up the drive-through line for hours...(cuz I think that's how long it would take to have them figure it out)

I go for option 4....pull up to the window and go face-to-face. In the end it all got worked out...I'm the crazy lady who just wanted meat, cheese and mushrooms...sadly, it wasn't even that good...I'm sticking with Chicken Nuggets....besides what meal is worth ALL that work!?


Tracy said...

heehee I'm pretty sure you are just supposed to pull up... read off a number, and then fix it yourself when you get home!! ;) For $5 an hour they are not paid to understand the complexity of special orders... like no mustard!! ;) DUH!! :)

The Miller 6 said...

LOL...anyone know what NO MUSTARD is in spanish?? maybe then I could get NO MUSTARD!!!