Friday, September 25, 2009


This post is all about disasters :) Lucky for me I have a whole slew of them waiting to be written about.
1) as you can tell by what Jillian is wearing...she is a FASHION disaster!! (side note: Jay was impressed that the stripes at least were all "stripey"--I'm not 100% sure what that means--but I wanted to throw it out there) he also noted that if she were color blind she'd go perfectly! Thankfully, I think she can see in a rainbow of colors and just wanted to put something on to go out back and play with the dog. Not to mention it's like 7 am and her hair hasn't seen a brush for a good 12 don't look too closely!

2) Last night Christian got to play in his football game...the starting QB got hurt in the middle of the 2nd quarter (knee) so Christian got a shot (they won 22-0--woo hoo!!) and since we've had some rain the past 3 days (WOO HOO!!!!) that made for a VERY muddy football field. So the coach sent the pads home with the kids to be cleaned up....(thanks, oh-so-much...that means more laundry--and we all know how I feel about THAT !)
Back to the pads and uniform....THE SMELL!! oh heaven help me the smell was like something out of a litter box. It reeked of cat was so nasty we tossed the jersey and pants in the washing machine ASAP and the pads/helmet got a liberal dousing with Febreez. I swear he'll smell more like flowers than sweat...and I'll be happy for it! they dried over night and smell fresh and nice again. Thank-goodness!!!

Aiden tried on the pads and helmet and it was too cute not to snap some quick pictures of him being his usual adorable self. And Bailey in the background being his usual lil self too. LOL...once Aiden tried them on they all wanted to try them on. Christian kindly got down with the boys and strapped them in. Which promptly turned into a tackle 7:15 this morning.

Yes, Bailey's wearing shorts with a short sleeve tee shirt and Aiden has on a sweatshirt with jeans...can YOU guess how hot/cold it is here today?! :)
***Hint...don't refer back to the 4 year old...she thinks everyday is "shorts" day!***
Looks like he's ripping his ear off huh?
Biggest disaster of the day (so's early...I may have more to post later...)
These are Christians cleats from Football last night, really, the pictures don't do them justice...they were so dirty they were kept out in the garage---I do believe the cat "odor" was coming from I ask myself...since these have been at school since a week before school started in his locker...does the ground stink this bad or do they have stray cats at the school that have decided to make a bed out of my sons shoes!? Either way--N-A-S-T-Y! you know that feeling where you think you continue to smell something even after it's all you've got something stuck in your nose...just taunting you with that horrific odor...ugh that's me today--I smell it everywhere! I took the laces out of the shoes washed them with soap and hung them to dry---then moved on to the shoes themselves...a few gag-reflexes later I have succeeded...did I mention I sprayed them liberally with Febreez?! He'll smell like a freakin field of daisy's when I'm finished with him...but he will not STINK!!! How he could stand to wear people could stand to be around him when he was wearing it!?!? He said on the way out the door..." Yeah the locker room is like 10 times stinkier than that!" (you'll have to excuse me I feel another gag-reflex coming on) *GAG*


and finally, My blog is such a disaster that I have NO followers!!! it's a sad sad day when a blog can't even get the authors mom to follow it! (yeah I'm talking to you momma!) my poor, lonely blog.....*single tear drop on the keyboard*

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