Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Like Mother; Like Daughter

I confess...I didn't do my Bible Study homework this week. (In my defense, I was kinda sorta busy...) Fine, I'll blow off Bible Study...I can come up with million and one reason why I shouldn't go, and deep down I know that there aren't any reason, I have this week, good enough to skip. But I'm so blowing it off anyway. Until---my eyes pop open at 5 am...(remember how I posted I've been so tired for the past couple weeks) suddenly I'm wide awake when I KNOW I could use another hour and a half of sleep, I can't get it...I toss and turn for about 15-20 minutes, all the while knowing I need to do my Bible Study homework. Finally, I Obey that inner-voice and get up and do my homework...

This is exactly what my mom does...she'll call me and tell me she's been up since 4 am for some reason or another---and she can't get back to sleep until she completes the task at hand. How I wish God could have spoken to me at 5 pm rather than am....then again, his timing is perfect cuz at 5 pm my house is chaos supreme. At 5 am...silences (except for the occasional Kirby-cat "MEOW")

So today I'm off to bible study--fully prepared, too boot!

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