Sunday, September 27, 2009

I have a FOLLOWER!!!

It's a happy day---I woke up and logged in and saw I have a follower!! Yeah Mom, thanks!!

I've got quite a few embroidery projects lined up for the beginning of this week for my dear friend, Stacey. She is the head of the Celiac foundation for the Red River Valley (that's in North Dakota) and they're having a silent auction on the 3rd (Of this month!!) so I have to get moving!! waiting on a few designs to be delivered to my inbox and then I can get to work. Monday is when I'm planning to do all my work, Tuesday is when I'm planning on sending it out (after Bible Study)...speaking of Bible Study the procrastinator in my hasn't done my homework. I've been struggling with...well, staying awake! I am soooo tired lately. I think I'm fighting something off cuz I've had headaches 3 nights/mornings this week.

Friday I'm heading down to the free music in the park that they hold here locally. My friend Vanessa and I are going to be putting up a craft booth to sell our hard work :) If you happen to be local and in the Archer Park area stop by!!

For now though it's football day---friends, food and football...when I say football...I mean...ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL day in GO-TO-CHURCH-SO-I'LL-BE-SAVED-WHEN-I-DIE-FROM-TOO-MUCH-FOOTBALL day. I wouldn't mind this so much if it were one, maybe two games...but it's never just one or's like 12..back and forth between one game and the next...I get dizzy watching the channels flip back and forth. Then when football is over---it's ESPN for reviews of the game. This is over a 24 hour affair....cuz it spills into Monday night. However, I love my guy so I don't say too much about it. It makes him happy--that makes me happy---and sometimes I can sneak in a nap! :oP

So that about sums up the day for me. Football, Football and *Sigh* Football. How about you?

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carleigh said...

hey janelle! i just looked at some of your past blogs... i am absolutely envious of your sewing abilities!! i have the opposite of you as far as kids go (3 girls, 1 boy), and i could totally use your sewing talent! wish you were closer, so i could get some lessons from you!