Saturday, October 4, 2008

Updating for you MOM!


Ok guys here's the latest on my family....although I have been keeping up with ya'll through e-mail pretty well, but I must update to please the momma!

I can't, for some reason, access some photos on my external drive. ??? wonder what's up with that, but I do have some recent pictures of my kids on my computer, so ya'll lucked out :)

OK the run down:
Christian has to dress up on game days!! SO HANDSOME!!

Christian--Will be 14 on Tuesday, starting QB for the White (B) squad of the football team at school. He's in 8th grade, babysitting for $$ now! He's really turning into a great young man, if I do say so myself. :D hee hee.

Bailey--Is 9, in 4th grade and doing well. He's got friends he's always wanting to hang out with, unfortunately they live in our area but not within walking distance so it's hit or miss if he can go, depending on whatever one has going on. For Christmas we're thinking of splitting Aiden and him up and adding a wall to our game-room and making it his room. We'll see...we have to get a quote first! LOL

Aiden--6 and in 1st grade. He's reading (FINALLY) and enjoying school alot. He's got a friend he loves to play with down the street but due to his lack of listening has been grounded for the next 3 days. (he wouldn't stop long enough to listen as I ticked off the days....finally after 4 days he understood and quit whining) Now he's negotiating an "early-release" for good behavior.

I'm pooped!

Jillian--she's 3 (as of August 3rd) and she is lovin' her b-day present...her swing set. Her and the dog, Sophie are two peas in a pod out there. Everything from diggin in the dirt to peein' outside (such a little lady, huh?) We're currently trying to housebreak her too!! LOL...only we want her to do it inside not out! She's either going to rejoin tippi toes or we're going to try little gym, we haven't decided yet. She likes them both. unfortunately our money tree just won't produce the $$ we'd like.

Jay is working the catastrophe team with Farmers Insurance. He was in KC, KS for 10 days, then home working 12 hour days 7 days a week....trying to file claims for the Ike victims.

We did not get a single drop of rain from IKE and it was a close call until that last 24-30 hours it was heading towards us, then Corpus Christi, then finally Houston. My old neighbors had alot of damage from a roof caving in, water leaking down the walls and into the carpet--they said the only damage our old house sustained was a tree down on the fence between our old house and theirs!! wow!

I'm doing good...I'm actually getting a wonderful opportunity to see my favorite group of all time perform again!! NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK!! *EEEEEKKKKKK* I go on October 21st to see them, I'm so excited!! I know all you guys never understood and that's ok...I don't mind...this is MY time and I'm going to enjoy every last nano-second of it! so no comments to ruin it! :oP got it? :)

***FLASH BACK 1992*****

HOW's that for an update mom? :) LOVE YA!! SEE YA SOON!!! I found a house for you on Los Indios!! :) (With a pool)

*** I'm working on getting the other two boys their pics taken, and will before Christmas time, but right now I don't have any new one's of them...sorry!***