Sunday, November 2, 2008


Welcome to my blog ya'll!

Halloween was Friday (today is Sunday) And I have a few minutes to update my blog! First let me share some photos of the kids (minus Aiden who was at a his friends house playing until Trick or Treating time)

Jillian and "Frankie" Christian "running" out the door!

Don't you love the "BUN" Hair! LOL
We were obviously....the Starwars Foks. Aiden was Obi Wan, Bailey was Anikin, Jillian was the Princess (of course!)
Trick or treating went well, Bailey high-tailed it off to go with his friend BJ and returned around 9 pm...with a sack full of candy, Aiden and Jillian, Jay and I all went trick or treating with the neighbor boys and their dad, their mom stayed back to hand out candy. (cheater!) LOL. It was a beautiful night, unlike last year where it was so hot and humid, Friday was perfect. Nice breeze coming through, mild temps. No complaining....except maybe "There's not enough houses with lights on!"
I took Jillian to the pumpkin patch with a friend and picked out some pumpkins. Carved those up in scary, happy and silly faces. Her "baby" pumpkin is "crying" (at her request) cuz she misses her friends.

Jillian really wanted the pumpkin she's sitting on but it was just TOO BIG!
I'm back from my trip to Minnesota to see Stacey and NKOTB in concert. That was amazing and fun and went entirely too fast!! (Some pics of that too)

Concert was held in St. Paul at the Wild's (NHL HOCKEY TEAM) venue. It's pretty brand-spankin new and it was really really nice inside!

(for all you non-fans) this is Jordan
Finally--GO VOTE! I could say only vote if your a republican but I have to be nice and say--GO VOTE! (but only if your a republican! *hey it's MY blog* LOL) If you don't vote I don't wanna hear your complain about who got into office....GOT IT!? :o)

Until next time folks...HAPPY FALL