Tuesday, November 23, 2010

An update...Finally!?

It's been a while!  Sorry.  I'll try to be better about updating our blog.  What have you missed since I last posted.

Well, to start we moved back to Houston.  Late July had us packing up and heading back north.  It's good to be back.  We were blessed to have gotten a great great deal on our home, we have settled in and are happy and liking the move.

After being here for a week or two I decided to get a job to support my expensive habits (that would be New Kids on the Block).  I work at a church up the street working with kids.  I also sub and help out at the Wee School (Preschool) that my two middle boys went to when we lived her last time.Then a few weeks after we moved the kids started school.  ALL the kids started school.  Jillian began Kindergarten and did great!  I did good until I got to the car-- :)  Hey, it's my baby girl...it was a little hard to let go.  She came home happy and excited and all my fears were dissolved.  The next obstacle was riding the bus!!  But the wonderful school teachers made sure the kids all got on the right bus and I anxiously awaited them at the bus stop.  She jumped off the bus and ran into my arms with a big smile, followed by her big brother, Aiden.  

3rd grade is agreeing with Aiden.  He's loving math and science but hating spelling.  Not surprising to me.  Bailey had some definite issues adjusting to intermediate school, a new place and having to find new friends.  He has since adjusted and has made friends and liking all the changes 6th grade and the move brought.

Both Aiden and Bailey were in fall sports. Bailey played flag football and Aiden played baseball.  Both did well and liked it.  It was hectic and crazy on Saturdays but it's over...whew! :)

Christian entered the 10th grade.  He's struggling but we're taking steps to keep him on track academically.  The school system in the Rio Grande Valley left ALOT to be desired as we are finding out now.  Christian's on a catch-up track and scrambling to keep up.  He seems to be adjusting well. He got a job as a bag-boy at the local grocery store and should start that soon.  He recently turned 16 and Jay and I took him to the Houston Texans game against the NY Giants.  We lost but he had a great time and is trying to plan another game in his future. :)

Jay and I are doing good.  I'm so busy all the time---everyone used to ask me "What will you do with all your time now that all the kids are in school" now I can respond "What time!?"  I have none! I don't know where it goes, usually to work....by the time I get home it's time to eat, pick up kids, make dinner, baths, homework, sometimes back to work...and my day starts at 4:20 am!  

So when I don't get a chance to update, text you back, call you back, email you back please be patient and persistent. I'm not mad, anit-social or bitchy....I'm just so busy most days that I can hardly wait till it's time to put my head on the pillow and sleep.

Now we can continue on to what you came here for...THE PICTURES!

The 2nd day of school

Flag Football


Saturday, February 20, 2010

Happy 8th Birthday, Aiden!

February 13th is Aiden's birthday.  It landed on a Saturday this year so we actually got to celebrate it on his day!  We went to (as crazy as this sounds) Christian's Orthodontists office where they have an actual movie theater inside with seating for 25 people, popcorn, candy, juice packs...the works!!! His two best friends came and a girl from class....the showing was minimal and I could tell it bugged him but he made the best of it and had fun.

So after eating junk food until they nearly threw up, we ordered pizza! LOL....no one was hungry--so it was dinner for us later that night.  Best gift of  2010????  Bakugan Maximus Dragonoid   don't know what that is?JOIN THE CLUB!!!

Later that night we went to a Killer Bee's Hockey game...what fun!! more on that tomorrow though! I'm trying to get back into my posting almost daily---at least weekly!  

For those that sent cards, gifts or called...thank you!!! he appreciated it.  Each day (even now...) he runs to the mailbox and searches for a card for himself in there. :)  So it was so nice of you to remember him!! he got Gift cards, cards, money, a few toys...he also got a bedroom make over (including a new loft bed, cubbies, and TV mounted to his wall (complete with direct tv!) and roller blades!!  All in all I think it was a good birthday for a kid turning 8!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow Day

HA! not here there's not a snow day (although my kids would adore a moment of making snow angels) A MOMENT...cuz we don't have the right gear for snow.  But my sweet sister is in PA and she's probably getting hammered with snow, snow and more snow.  To Heather and her gang...I wish you a quick safe thaw and happy "SNOW DAYS!" off from school.


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

another contest!

I'm a contest entering fool lately it seems, but my all time favorite webiste for sewing www.youcanmakethis.com just launched a new site the DYI DISH where they'll "SHOW" you how to do stuff rather than just sell patterns and let you muddle through! LOL this would have been so helpful to me when I was starting out--but I'm glad they're doing it now...

click there for more information or to look around...also here's a quick video of them...

So go check it out...and Kim & Kris...thanks for the entries!! PICK ME!! I would love a new machine!!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Wicked Witch

While running around the house she was singing "Just then...The Witch....went riding on her broom stick thumbin' for a hitch"

she managed to stop for 5 seconds to peek at her basket of toys---and I caught her...when she saw the camera she just posed...I can't help it if she's a natural, can I?

I'm entering a contest to win $35.00 certificate in her store!! I hope you'll jump over and check her out! her patterns is what I used to create these fabulous outfits for Jillian!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Crafting Day

I've been bustin' my butt lately getting ready for a craft fair on February 6th.  I've made bow boards, bows, firecracker bows, gold fish bows and bow holders...that's the first 2 days.  I'm pooped!! We have ribbon everywhere and I just got a call on the house!  Oh how I wish my craft room was completed.  I think it's time to take the sign down and stay put.  It's taken me a long time to feel at peace about that decision but I think I'm ready to make it now. (Jay and the kids will be THRILLED)  (sorry mom)

I know we're way down here away from everyone but please please please know that you are all welcome when ever! there are two airports nearby for you to fly into (one flies Southwest).  We have room for a few if a lot are coming we have quite a few great hotels nearby....don't be shy!!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Disney's Rockin' Road Show!

We had an amazing time at the Disney's Rockin' Road show here at the Dodge arena in Hidalgo.  Jillian just LOVES these kinds of show.  LIke really gets off on it...so when I saw they were coming to town I knew it had to be part of her Christmas present. :)

Me, my mom and Jillian went for a full girls day out.  We started out at Olive Garden and then headed to the show, where she was spoiled with treats and toys!!


for ALL the pictures you're heart desires :)

The one's of the penny and paper are for Bailey's Science Fair Project...we're seeing what 4 different liquids do to a penny. :) (so far vinegar is winning)

the one of me...it's my "before" picture...I'm slimming down again...Christmas was really brutal on me.  So far (since Monday the 4th) I've lost 4 pounds....I just have keep focused.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Holiday Review

Christmas 2009 has passed and we've welcomed in 2010...and I've been too busy to get on here and blog...so as we say Good-bye to 2009 and say hello to a fresh start in 2010 I've decided to do our holiday review with pictures!!  Sit back with some spiked Hot Chocolate (can I suggest Peppermint schnapps and a boat load of whipped cream?!) and enjoy :D

Here's one of my little cutie pie looking so cute!!! to see ALL our family photos from Christmas please check out the link by clicking here

We enjoyed the company of my mother and father and even got to go see DISNEY'S ROCKIN' ROAD SHOW with Jillian (part of her Christmas gift)