Saturday, January 9, 2010

Disney's Rockin' Road Show!

We had an amazing time at the Disney's Rockin' Road show here at the Dodge arena in Hidalgo.  Jillian just LOVES these kinds of show.  LIke really gets off on when I saw they were coming to town I knew it had to be part of her Christmas present. :)

Me, my mom and Jillian went for a full girls day out.  We started out at Olive Garden and then headed to the show, where she was spoiled with treats and toys!!


for ALL the pictures you're heart desires :)

The one's of the penny and paper are for Bailey's Science Fair Project...we're seeing what 4 different liquids do to a penny. :) (so far vinegar is winning)

the one of's my "before" picture...I'm slimming down again...Christmas was really brutal on me.  So far (since Monday the 4th) I've lost 4 pounds....I just have keep focused.

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MK said...

I LOVE all your pictures! AND, keep up the good work to lose weight! I am struggling, girl!