Wednesday, August 29, 2007

School Update and poor lil' Jillian!!!

Well I finally have a few seconds to update you guys on how the first days of school went!! You'd think with only one kid in the house now I could find more time to do this stuff but in reality it's been so crazy here I've barely had time to shower!!! (but I did manage to sneak that in) LOL

Now on to the good stuff that ya'll are here to read about:

Kindergarten went awesome!! I went and picked Aiden up from school and listened to him chatter and tell partial stories (because something else would trigger another memory and start him on another story) all the way home. When he got home and in the kitchen I was getting Jillian out of her stroller by the front door and he was still chattering non-stop when he suddenly said "Man! Kindergarten is the the most funnest ever!" (we're working on correct English--it's a slow go with some) LOL. All in all I'd say that was a success!

3rd grade: Bailey came home with rave reviews about his teacher and extremely happy about being in the GT class. The night before he was worried about being in the gifted/talented program and saying "I'm just not smart enough to be in there" so when he finally realized he was he was really happy about that. His teacher seems very very nice and I look forward to getting more involved and helping out when I can. We also walk home with Bailey's friend Kale every day.

7th grade: Christian was stressed big time about starting Jr. High and finding his classes (and cafeteria! LOL) When he *FINALLY* got home at 6:15 pm from the activity bus he was sooo tired and "starved!" He ate, handed me his homework (a paper to get signed...hey it was the 1st day--lol) and had a shower and a snack then went to bed...From now on Jay is taking and picking him up from school...just so he's home a little more. so far it's working out good. He's really enjoying football but his helmet seems to be giving him grief...Jay thinks he's not used to the weight on his head but told him to check with the coach just to be sure.

So inbetween all this choas Jillian was playing with her umbrella stroller that I'd used to take her to get Bailey from school. She seemed happy playing on it so I left it up and let her--what's the harm!?!? well some of the rubber handle was missing off the curved part of the stroller handle and she got tripped up and fell...landing on that part!! (go figure!) she cut her face and we rushed her to the doctor's office.....he thought upon first inspection that she'd need a stitch..but once he cleaned it and started examining it thought it was fine---THANK GOODNESS!!! so she's a little banged up but it should heal nicely and leave no scar--whew!!! As for the stroller, I hope it has a happy life in the dump!!! (yeah that's what you get for hurting my baby!!)

Here's some pictures of her little boo-boo! oh yeah and of talent....lifting up her dress while picking her nose--we're so proud! Also, showing you where her ears

Yesterday...such a cheese ball

(or maybe she's just practicing for when she's 13 and saying "I CAN'T HEAR YOU!"
Awe our little lady....

picking her nose and lifting up her dress....niiiice.

Monday, August 27, 2007

1st Day of Kindergarten, 3rd grade and Jr. High!!!


Well today I sent my 3 sons off to the title says Kindergarten, 3rd grade and 7th....about 20 seconds after we got home from walking the boys over to school it began down-pouring...let's hope the lightening and thunder decide to come around another day---I don't want anyone scared at school.
Ok so I'll keep it short and let you enjoy the photos of this morning. But I do have to say for as excited as I was to see them go to school when Aiden got dropped off I had to try as hard as I could not to break down and cry. It seems like not very long ago I was teaching the 1's while he laid down at the adjoining door in the 2's and hollered "MOMMA" under the door baby boy is in Kindergarten!! Such a bittersweet moment. And of course I was worried about him going in and falling apart like he's been known to do in the past (at just never know) but he marched in and found his cubby, hung up his bag, stuck his lunch inside his cubby, found his chair and began coloring (with a pencil--LOL) it was so long woman who raised me from my first breath. Woman who nursed me back to health when i was sick and kissed my boo-boo's when I fell...I'm in Kindergarten now--I'm practically on my own!!! oh yeah but I want spaghetti for dinner. (ok so it wasn't that bad...but it was hard) he seemed so grown up!!! here's his first day photos. I need to go cry now. :*)
I'm sorry for those that really don't care about this stuff but it's my blog so I'm gonna share everything...cuz, well I can! nah-nah. hahaha.
Ok we have breakfast, pictures of mom and aiden (and Jillian just jumped in and wouldn't leave! hahahaha...whoops guess that's my doing.

The Go gurt Monster!!

My big school boy!!

Aiden and Bailey go to the same school which makes it alot nicer for me :o) One trip up, two trips back (Kinder gets out before the rest of the school) Not to worry it wasn't all jitters and nerves this morning, they did manage to be their old selves!!

School was packed (of course) with all the kids, parents, teachers---and we all know the organizational skills here from past posts aren't the greatest---but we managed to find Aiden's room and teacher again--Bailey wasn't interested in getting a photo with his teacher--oh well I guess 3rd grade is too old for that huh?

Bailey--the 3rd grader--doesn't he look so handsome!

For some reason, unknown to me these two can never take a decent picture together--this morning proved no different!!!

The walk to school...

Don't worry we didn't have the boys carry their backpacks filled with their school supplies--but Aiden insisted on hanging his up--but in the end I had to--it was just too heavy. Also, below is Aiden with Ma. (anyone know what that means?? anyone?? anyone..Buller? Buller?) LOL...anyway Ma. Perez....his teacher.

"Hey bud, gimme five, you'll do great!"

(really it's give me your stuffed animal--you're not taking it with you) LOL

"mom, cool it with the pictures, someone might see!"

"I got it mom, it's cool, you can leave now. Thanks for the great times, I'll be in touch."

"Uhhh, Backpack is soooooo heavy!!!"

Aiden and Ma. Perez

Third grade hall--I think it's one of the last years for getting pictures of this kid going to school...

Bailey's Class room... you'll notice he's missing his button down shirt...yeah that was ditched at home...

Bailey's Desk

Dad and Christian...who had to be up at 6 am to get ready for school.

Jr. High all ready!! How can that be?!

Still dark out when he leaves for the bus--He was very nervous about starting Jr. High and finding his classes and stuff...but I know he'll do great!! He's a great kid!!

(Oh and Jay drives him to the bus stop since it's kind of far away)

Saturday, August 25, 2007

New Blog Feature!? WOW!

Ok so the blogger has VIDEO now!! I knew I had to try this out...with family and friends spread out all over what a cool way for them to see my kids in action (and we all know you want to) LOL...some day I'll record the choas that goes on around here for you to see...30 second clip would be more than enough I'm sure! LOL

for now it's Jillian--I caught her in Christian's room playing his guitar (which she loves) and messing with his dvd/tv...soooo naughty!

Let's see if it works (i know it's sideways, next time I'll hold the camera correctly, I didn't realize I couldn't edit the video)


School starts in 2 days--tomorrow we'll head over to the community pool for their end of the summer party and let the kids swim, eat hot dogs, drink soda and basically go nuts before they have to go to school on Monday. I'm also registering for MOPS on the 30th to perhaps meet some new people around here---since it looks like we're gonna be here a while, so wish everyone luck!!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Bi-Lingual & Highly Intelligent oh yeah and Boys Choir!?

Hi Guys!!

Last night we had our "meet the teacher" night. So we headed off to find Aiden's Teacher. He's with Ma. (not s, MA (anyone know what that means)) Guadulaupe Perez. She's the Bi-lingual Kindergarten teacher. Mmmm, ok unfortunatly my son is not bi-lingual. Better find out what's going on eh?

We head up to talk to her...Aiden gives her the bag we made and filled with goodies to her. She gives him a hug and thanks him. We chat while he goes to investigate his new digs. I ask her, "is this a bi-lingual room!?" she says "Yes! it is!" I gave her that hum, I'm really confused look and said "Uh, he's not" and points to Aiden, "so how's this going to work?" She laughed and said not to worry, she breaks the kids in groups according to the primary language they speak and then gives them instructions that way to begin then they'll start combining the languages through out the year until they can find some middle ground (so to speak) all the posters in the class are in English/Spanish and she said he should pick it up really quickly being he's so young. Jay says he doesn't even speak English that well, why not master one first! LOL...he's kidding of course, but it did get a few laughs at the school. I think it'll be good for him. (I hope he likes it)

Then we head over to Bailey's hall...he's got Mrs. Caivillo (Ka-Vee-Oh) (spelled wrong I'm sure) and he's in class with a few of his friends from last year and a couple of boys he's met through Boy Scouts last year...WOO HOO!! he's pretty stoked about that. We meet with the teacher and she informs us that this particular class is the GT class...which means Gifted and Talented....Bailey will have harder spelling words, quicker pace in math and science and Language arts....then they'll switch rooms and go next door to be with his former Student Teacher (gulp) she and bailey never really "clicked" last year...ok she was mean to him on occassion--he was glad to see her he's got her for half his day all year long...guess mom will be on the watch for anything in that situation.

Christian got settled with his new class schedule on Wednesday. I'm currently trying to contact the school because he was put into Boys Choir as his elective....mmmm, how they got that out of Computer Applications and Team leadership I'm still trying to figure out. Not only that...this kid HATES singing....period. He would rather be rolled in peanut butter, feathered and sent to school looking like a chicken than go to boys choir!! Poor guy--they tell me that some classes fill up--apparently BOTH his electives got filled and he's stuck in Choir...I'm trying to talk to someone to change it because I know my son, it'll just cause him trouble. He'll start talking and goofing off and that's not the way we want to start jr. high. He can rejoin band if that's the case but choir is going--by majority vote of mom, dad and it's time to brow-beat the school...*sigh* a chore in itself!! We also found out that kids living in Mexico go to school with the kids...although that's technically illegal (zones/districts don't extend beyond the borders) the school board really can'tdo anything about they just stop trying and allow them to come. (Free of course...thanks to US tax payers dollars) I have a HUGE problem with this--mmm, I wonder how many of those Mexican Citizens are in Computer Applications and Team Leadership??

So all in all...that's it from the Mission side. Jillian loved the walk over to the school and back and I know she's gonna enjoy the 4 daily walks over and back all year long...maybe I'll get back into shape too! (hahahaha, yeeeeah right)

**PICTURES** they are your reward for reading all that! LOL

New haircuts:

Bailey's stylist put his normal boy cut into a mohawk...he loved it! (He won't be wearing it like that to school though!)

Christian wanted "Short but not dorky--something cool for football that's still cool for school"

after searching through the books he found this...and it's different from his other cuts how????? Yeah exactly!

Aiden in his Halloween Shorts that I made him (he hates them cuz they were supposed to be long pants--but mommy screwed up--whoops!) LOL and his uncombed hair cut!! (we're not complaining though cuz you don't complain when your kid has bed head after a nap, your simply thankful for the nap! LOL) Oh and ignore the red shirt--it totally doesn't match! LOL

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Summer is slipping away....

Monday the kids start up school again. Kindergarten, 3rd and the ever speed-growing 7th grader!! Christian won't slow down, the kid is nearly as tall as I am, wearing men's size shoes and shirts and soon pants!! when did he stop being a boy and start turning into a young man? I missed that memo.

Here's some pictures of him from recently---it's hard to find a photo that has him in a shirt but I succeeded and found two!

We are ready for school....except for knowing who the teachers are and the bus schedule (can you say procrastinate on the school's side!!!) We've been bugging them for weeks to tell us teacher assignments and, zilch, nada....they start school in 5 days!!!
Well I made two teacher bags/gifts for Bailey and Aiden to take to their new teachers (who ever they may be) and they turned out cute! I'm happy with them! I hope the teachers like them. Today I'm gonna try a pair of sleep pants for the kids!! Wish me luck...I'm just starting out the sewing stuff and it's tricky for me to go slow enough to not screw it ya know--I need a dose of patience!!

Well Aiden's up so my time on here is over--I hope everyone is doing well. Aiden's asking if I have grandma's phone number. When I reply yes he says "can you call her and tell her to come down here" :o) Guess he misses you, mom!
Hugs for all

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Crazy Weather!!

Hello again!!

It's been a crazy week weather-wise for us down here in Texas!! With San Antonio flooding that last thing they needed was more rain...but then we all got word that Hurricane Dean was heading for us...and should hit the Rio Grande Valley--so what did we do?? we took a trip to Corpus Christi and stayed at my parents house for the weekend...and kept an eye on what Dean was doing out there...thankfully now it's been pushed south of us into Mexico--cuz he's a whopper of a storm!! However, we're still prepared to do what's necessary if some bizarre chance that it heads north...(although I highly doubt that'll be happening) here's a couple pictures of some of the busses that came from Dallas and other cities in Texas to help evacuate if necessary. This is about 3 miles from my house at the convention center--the parking lot is filled with bus after bus and then it wraps around the street and down onto the frontage road as well...just lined with busses....look! Sorry they're not any clearer, it was rush hour and raining and taken from the car. LOL...I do what I have to for the picture!!

Convention Center---sorry the picture is so bad, but look closely and you'll see it's all busses.....

However, we're not letting Dean get us down--we played and shopped for back-to-school this weekend in Corpus Christi and it was FUN!! Here's some pictures from that!

Here's some of the boys playing in the water--they're such fishes!!

Aiden looks soooooo old!! He'll start kindergarten on Monday the 27th!! can you believe it!?

Stuntman Bailey---"watch this mom!!"


Well, we're getting quite a few lookers on our house in the past couple of days--let's all pray something pans out with it...we are ready to move! It looks like the poll says to go to Houston...wanna see us move somewhere else...put in your vote! (ok we're pretty much moving to Houston, but it's still fun to see)


If you have any comments please leave them for me here...I'm always wondering who pops in and out! If your from the north please let me know the floods haven't swept you away!! Many prayers are with you and your family for getting through this CRAZY weather safely!!


the miller 6

Monday, August 13, 2007

Busy day!

Hey all-

well today was a busy day of sewing and cutting fabric for some burp rags I'm making for a friends fundraiser. Should be fun!! Here's Jillian in the skirt I made her...please don't look too closely! LOL

Jillian in her skirt

Yesterday (sunday) Bailey, Christian and I went to see the new Harry Potter movie. It's been a tradition for Christian and I to see them, recently Bailey's been really into watching the movies so he joined us...they both say it was the best yet...I, however; missed some of the lighter moments that the previous movies had in them...but it was still good and I'll still be going to the final one and I'll still be sad when it all over :o( all the kids in that movie have grown so much, it's neat to see them grow up.

I stopped by the boys' school today, just to see if they actually were registered since we haven't gotten any information on teacher assignments or meet the teacher night--thankfully they are (because here it's a bigger pain to register than most places! LOL) Aiden was fascinated by the drinking fountians--haha, he took a drink then looked up at me and went "I can reach it!"

Anyway--last week Christian had football camp, he totally loved it!! I think he's going to enjoy school this year. I can't belive he's actually going to be in 7th grade!! that's CRAZY!! He's not old enough to be in 7th grade, I'M NOT OLD ENOUGH to have a child in 7th grade! LOL

Here's a recent picture of him from up at the Larkin's Lake house in International Falls, MN

Aiden and Chrstian having a blast at the lake house!

I can't belive how he's growing--seems not too long ago he was fessing up to writing on the wall and asking for a vitamin at night to say up later.

Ok I gotta go, Jillian's apparently takin a liking to eating toothpaste straight from the tube! YUCK!


Friday, August 10, 2007

Getting with the times...

Ok ok, so it's taken me a while to warm up to this "blogging" business...but after a few friends started blogging I couldn't help myself, I had to check it out and see why it was sooooo easy to communicate with all you people from ALL over the place...and wow...after getting through the technical stuff (which I'm still sifting through) it seems pretty easy!

I hope to update this weekly, if not more--however, I don't have an overly exciting life so it may not get updated as often as I would like...but I promise I'll try very hard to keep everyone updated on what's been going on in the life of all of us Millers.

First off we are all back from a 2 week Vacation to Minnesota. My mom flew down to San Antonio and Bailey, Aiden, Jillian and I picked her up and began the 3 day drive to International Falls, MN.
Along the way we stopped off and saw some family in Des Moines, headed over to Linda's and saw my cousin and met her (not-so-new) baby girl Isabelle. It was so fun! Bailey was out in the garden helping Dave pick veggies for dinner and Belle and Jillian played (not so much interacting but mainly playing side-by-side) Belle is so cute! I swear she looks just like Linda!! (or Sarah) LOL

Baby Belle...

Bailey and Uncle Dave in the garden...digging up potatoes for our dinner!!

Of course Aiden and Bailey couldn't wait to see Christian and tell them that Linda and Dave have a pool table for a dining room table...oh and did they mention they also had a ping-pong table!!! *GASP* I know! Crazy-ness!! (ok obviously they don't eat on the pool table it's one that converts to a dining room table--just to clarify) lol

Once we finally made it back up to Minnesota we picked up Dad who was up visiting his father (he flew up--mmmm hummm...yeah I know) We visited with Grandpa Buster for a while and the kids ran off some bottled up energy. Then it was back in the car for 5½ more hours. By now we'd been in the car for over 24 hours (not all at once thank goodness!!) but we were ALL ready to be done with the car for a while!!

Poor Aiden passed out cold...

Jillian follows soon after

Well with 4 kids running amuck I need to end this---so more to come later---check back soon!!
and THANKS for stopping by and checking out my new Blog!!