Saturday, August 25, 2007

New Blog Feature!? WOW!

Ok so the blogger has VIDEO now!! I knew I had to try this out...with family and friends spread out all over what a cool way for them to see my kids in action (and we all know you want to) LOL...some day I'll record the choas that goes on around here for you to see...30 second clip would be more than enough I'm sure! LOL

for now it's Jillian--I caught her in Christian's room playing his guitar (which she loves) and messing with his dvd/tv...soooo naughty!

Let's see if it works (i know it's sideways, next time I'll hold the camera correctly, I didn't realize I couldn't edit the video)


School starts in 2 days--tomorrow we'll head over to the community pool for their end of the summer party and let the kids swim, eat hot dogs, drink soda and basically go nuts before they have to go to school on Monday. I'm also registering for MOPS on the 30th to perhaps meet some new people around here---since it looks like we're gonna be here a while, so wish everyone luck!!

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