Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Crazy Weather!!

Hello again!!

It's been a crazy week weather-wise for us down here in Texas!! With San Antonio flooding that last thing they needed was more rain...but then we all got word that Hurricane Dean was heading for us...and should hit the Rio Grande Valley--so what did we do?? we took a trip to Corpus Christi and stayed at my parents house for the weekend...and kept an eye on what Dean was doing out there...thankfully now it's been pushed south of us into Mexico--cuz he's a whopper of a storm!! However, we're still prepared to do what's necessary if some bizarre chance that it heads north...(although I highly doubt that'll be happening) here's a couple pictures of some of the busses that came from Dallas and other cities in Texas to help evacuate if necessary. This is about 3 miles from my house at the convention center--the parking lot is filled with bus after bus and then it wraps around the street and down onto the frontage road as well...just lined with busses....look! Sorry they're not any clearer, it was rush hour and raining and taken from the car. LOL...I do what I have to for the picture!!

Convention Center---sorry the picture is so bad, but look closely and you'll see it's all busses.....

However, we're not letting Dean get us down--we played and shopped for back-to-school this weekend in Corpus Christi and it was FUN!! Here's some pictures from that!

Here's some of the boys playing in the water--they're such fishes!!

Aiden looks soooooo old!! He'll start kindergarten on Monday the 27th!! can you believe it!?

Stuntman Bailey---"watch this mom!!"


Well, we're getting quite a few lookers on our house in the past couple of days--let's all pray something pans out with it...we are ready to move! It looks like the poll says to go to Houston...wanna see us move somewhere else...put in your vote! (ok we're pretty much moving to Houston, but it's still fun to see)


If you have any comments please leave them for me here...I'm always wondering who pops in and out! If your from the north please let me know the floods haven't swept you away!! Many prayers are with you and your family for getting through this CRAZY weather safely!!


the miller 6


Anonymous said...

NO It is Corpus Christi NOT Houston!!!
Signed ANonyMOM

Anonymous said...

It should definately be Corpus Christi. You have already tried Houston!!!