Friday, August 10, 2007

Getting with the times...

Ok ok, so it's taken me a while to warm up to this "blogging" business...but after a few friends started blogging I couldn't help myself, I had to check it out and see why it was sooooo easy to communicate with all you people from ALL over the place...and wow...after getting through the technical stuff (which I'm still sifting through) it seems pretty easy!

I hope to update this weekly, if not more--however, I don't have an overly exciting life so it may not get updated as often as I would like...but I promise I'll try very hard to keep everyone updated on what's been going on in the life of all of us Millers.

First off we are all back from a 2 week Vacation to Minnesota. My mom flew down to San Antonio and Bailey, Aiden, Jillian and I picked her up and began the 3 day drive to International Falls, MN.
Along the way we stopped off and saw some family in Des Moines, headed over to Linda's and saw my cousin and met her (not-so-new) baby girl Isabelle. It was so fun! Bailey was out in the garden helping Dave pick veggies for dinner and Belle and Jillian played (not so much interacting but mainly playing side-by-side) Belle is so cute! I swear she looks just like Linda!! (or Sarah) LOL

Baby Belle...

Bailey and Uncle Dave in the garden...digging up potatoes for our dinner!!

Of course Aiden and Bailey couldn't wait to see Christian and tell them that Linda and Dave have a pool table for a dining room table...oh and did they mention they also had a ping-pong table!!! *GASP* I know! Crazy-ness!! (ok obviously they don't eat on the pool table it's one that converts to a dining room table--just to clarify) lol

Once we finally made it back up to Minnesota we picked up Dad who was up visiting his father (he flew up--mmmm hummm...yeah I know) We visited with Grandpa Buster for a while and the kids ran off some bottled up energy. Then it was back in the car for 5½ more hours. By now we'd been in the car for over 24 hours (not all at once thank goodness!!) but we were ALL ready to be done with the car for a while!!

Poor Aiden passed out cold...

Jillian follows soon after

Well with 4 kids running amuck I need to end this---so more to come later---check back soon!!
and THANKS for stopping by and checking out my new Blog!!


Anonymous said...
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carleigh said...

hey janelle,
its fun to keep in touch this way... the kids look great! hope you are doing well!