Monday, August 13, 2007

Busy day!

Hey all-

well today was a busy day of sewing and cutting fabric for some burp rags I'm making for a friends fundraiser. Should be fun!! Here's Jillian in the skirt I made her...please don't look too closely! LOL

Jillian in her skirt

Yesterday (sunday) Bailey, Christian and I went to see the new Harry Potter movie. It's been a tradition for Christian and I to see them, recently Bailey's been really into watching the movies so he joined us...they both say it was the best yet...I, however; missed some of the lighter moments that the previous movies had in them...but it was still good and I'll still be going to the final one and I'll still be sad when it all over :o( all the kids in that movie have grown so much, it's neat to see them grow up.

I stopped by the boys' school today, just to see if they actually were registered since we haven't gotten any information on teacher assignments or meet the teacher night--thankfully they are (because here it's a bigger pain to register than most places! LOL) Aiden was fascinated by the drinking fountians--haha, he took a drink then looked up at me and went "I can reach it!"

Anyway--last week Christian had football camp, he totally loved it!! I think he's going to enjoy school this year. I can't belive he's actually going to be in 7th grade!! that's CRAZY!! He's not old enough to be in 7th grade, I'M NOT OLD ENOUGH to have a child in 7th grade! LOL

Here's a recent picture of him from up at the Larkin's Lake house in International Falls, MN

Aiden and Chrstian having a blast at the lake house!

I can't belive how he's growing--seems not too long ago he was fessing up to writing on the wall and asking for a vitamin at night to say up later.

Ok I gotta go, Jillian's apparently takin a liking to eating toothpaste straight from the tube! YUCK!



Bob & Paula said...

Great picture of how much fun the boys had! Summer has slipped away too fast up here, don't blink or it is gone. Miss you guys. See you in a couple of months.

Bob & Paula said...

Great picture of the boys having a great summer fun at the lake. Summer is slipping by quickly up here. DOn't blink or it is gone! Miss you guys and look forward to seeing you in a couple of months. MOM