Wednesday, August 29, 2007

School Update and poor lil' Jillian!!!

Well I finally have a few seconds to update you guys on how the first days of school went!! You'd think with only one kid in the house now I could find more time to do this stuff but in reality it's been so crazy here I've barely had time to shower!!! (but I did manage to sneak that in) LOL

Now on to the good stuff that ya'll are here to read about:

Kindergarten went awesome!! I went and picked Aiden up from school and listened to him chatter and tell partial stories (because something else would trigger another memory and start him on another story) all the way home. When he got home and in the kitchen I was getting Jillian out of her stroller by the front door and he was still chattering non-stop when he suddenly said "Man! Kindergarten is the the most funnest ever!" (we're working on correct English--it's a slow go with some) LOL. All in all I'd say that was a success!

3rd grade: Bailey came home with rave reviews about his teacher and extremely happy about being in the GT class. The night before he was worried about being in the gifted/talented program and saying "I'm just not smart enough to be in there" so when he finally realized he was he was really happy about that. His teacher seems very very nice and I look forward to getting more involved and helping out when I can. We also walk home with Bailey's friend Kale every day.

7th grade: Christian was stressed big time about starting Jr. High and finding his classes (and cafeteria! LOL) When he *FINALLY* got home at 6:15 pm from the activity bus he was sooo tired and "starved!" He ate, handed me his homework (a paper to get signed...hey it was the 1st day--lol) and had a shower and a snack then went to bed...From now on Jay is taking and picking him up from school...just so he's home a little more. so far it's working out good. He's really enjoying football but his helmet seems to be giving him grief...Jay thinks he's not used to the weight on his head but told him to check with the coach just to be sure.

So inbetween all this choas Jillian was playing with her umbrella stroller that I'd used to take her to get Bailey from school. She seemed happy playing on it so I left it up and let her--what's the harm!?!? well some of the rubber handle was missing off the curved part of the stroller handle and she got tripped up and fell...landing on that part!! (go figure!) she cut her face and we rushed her to the doctor's office.....he thought upon first inspection that she'd need a stitch..but once he cleaned it and started examining it thought it was fine---THANK GOODNESS!!! so she's a little banged up but it should heal nicely and leave no scar--whew!!! As for the stroller, I hope it has a happy life in the dump!!! (yeah that's what you get for hurting my baby!!)

Here's some pictures of her little boo-boo! oh yeah and of talent....lifting up her dress while picking her nose--we're so proud! Also, showing you where her ears

Yesterday...such a cheese ball

(or maybe she's just practicing for when she's 13 and saying "I CAN'T HEAR YOU!"
Awe our little lady....

picking her nose and lifting up her dress....niiiice.


Anonymous said...

More like her Mommy every day. HA HA

carleigh said...

she's so cute... glad the boys did so well in school. i'm nervous about those school days that seem will be here soon...