Friday, August 24, 2007

Bi-Lingual & Highly Intelligent oh yeah and Boys Choir!?

Hi Guys!!

Last night we had our "meet the teacher" night. So we headed off to find Aiden's Teacher. He's with Ma. (not s, MA (anyone know what that means)) Guadulaupe Perez. She's the Bi-lingual Kindergarten teacher. Mmmm, ok unfortunatly my son is not bi-lingual. Better find out what's going on eh?

We head up to talk to her...Aiden gives her the bag we made and filled with goodies to her. She gives him a hug and thanks him. We chat while he goes to investigate his new digs. I ask her, "is this a bi-lingual room!?" she says "Yes! it is!" I gave her that hum, I'm really confused look and said "Uh, he's not" and points to Aiden, "so how's this going to work?" She laughed and said not to worry, she breaks the kids in groups according to the primary language they speak and then gives them instructions that way to begin then they'll start combining the languages through out the year until they can find some middle ground (so to speak) all the posters in the class are in English/Spanish and she said he should pick it up really quickly being he's so young. Jay says he doesn't even speak English that well, why not master one first! LOL...he's kidding of course, but it did get a few laughs at the school. I think it'll be good for him. (I hope he likes it)

Then we head over to Bailey's hall...he's got Mrs. Caivillo (Ka-Vee-Oh) (spelled wrong I'm sure) and he's in class with a few of his friends from last year and a couple of boys he's met through Boy Scouts last year...WOO HOO!! he's pretty stoked about that. We meet with the teacher and she informs us that this particular class is the GT class...which means Gifted and Talented....Bailey will have harder spelling words, quicker pace in math and science and Language arts....then they'll switch rooms and go next door to be with his former Student Teacher (gulp) she and bailey never really "clicked" last year...ok she was mean to him on occassion--he was glad to see her he's got her for half his day all year long...guess mom will be on the watch for anything in that situation.

Christian got settled with his new class schedule on Wednesday. I'm currently trying to contact the school because he was put into Boys Choir as his elective....mmmm, how they got that out of Computer Applications and Team leadership I'm still trying to figure out. Not only that...this kid HATES singing....period. He would rather be rolled in peanut butter, feathered and sent to school looking like a chicken than go to boys choir!! Poor guy--they tell me that some classes fill up--apparently BOTH his electives got filled and he's stuck in Choir...I'm trying to talk to someone to change it because I know my son, it'll just cause him trouble. He'll start talking and goofing off and that's not the way we want to start jr. high. He can rejoin band if that's the case but choir is going--by majority vote of mom, dad and it's time to brow-beat the school...*sigh* a chore in itself!! We also found out that kids living in Mexico go to school with the kids...although that's technically illegal (zones/districts don't extend beyond the borders) the school board really can'tdo anything about they just stop trying and allow them to come. (Free of course...thanks to US tax payers dollars) I have a HUGE problem with this--mmm, I wonder how many of those Mexican Citizens are in Computer Applications and Team Leadership??

So all in all...that's it from the Mission side. Jillian loved the walk over to the school and back and I know she's gonna enjoy the 4 daily walks over and back all year long...maybe I'll get back into shape too! (hahahaha, yeeeeah right)

**PICTURES** they are your reward for reading all that! LOL

New haircuts:

Bailey's stylist put his normal boy cut into a mohawk...he loved it! (He won't be wearing it like that to school though!)

Christian wanted "Short but not dorky--something cool for football that's still cool for school"

after searching through the books he found this...and it's different from his other cuts how????? Yeah exactly!

Aiden in his Halloween Shorts that I made him (he hates them cuz they were supposed to be long pants--but mommy screwed up--whoops!) LOL and his uncombed hair cut!! (we're not complaining though cuz you don't complain when your kid has bed head after a nap, your simply thankful for the nap! LOL) Oh and ignore the red shirt--it totally doesn't match! LOL

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Anonymous said...

Some way he will have to get back into band...maybe he will love it again. Two languages at 5 is pretty good in this global world. Bailey looks cute but where are his glasses? AnonyMOM