Tuesday, November 23, 2010

An update...Finally!?

It's been a while!  Sorry.  I'll try to be better about updating our blog.  What have you missed since I last posted.

Well, to start we moved back to Houston.  Late July had us packing up and heading back north.  It's good to be back.  We were blessed to have gotten a great great deal on our home, we have settled in and are happy and liking the move.

After being here for a week or two I decided to get a job to support my expensive habits (that would be New Kids on the Block).  I work at a church up the street working with kids.  I also sub and help out at the Wee School (Preschool) that my two middle boys went to when we lived her last time.Then a few weeks after we moved the kids started school.  ALL the kids started school.  Jillian began Kindergarten and did great!  I did good until I got to the car-- :)  Hey, it's my baby girl...it was a little hard to let go.  She came home happy and excited and all my fears were dissolved.  The next obstacle was riding the bus!!  But the wonderful school teachers made sure the kids all got on the right bus and I anxiously awaited them at the bus stop.  She jumped off the bus and ran into my arms with a big smile, followed by her big brother, Aiden.  

3rd grade is agreeing with Aiden.  He's loving math and science but hating spelling.  Not surprising to me.  Bailey had some definite issues adjusting to intermediate school, a new place and having to find new friends.  He has since adjusted and has made friends and liking all the changes 6th grade and the move brought.

Both Aiden and Bailey were in fall sports. Bailey played flag football and Aiden played baseball.  Both did well and liked it.  It was hectic and crazy on Saturdays but it's over...whew! :)

Christian entered the 10th grade.  He's struggling but we're taking steps to keep him on track academically.  The school system in the Rio Grande Valley left ALOT to be desired as we are finding out now.  Christian's on a catch-up track and scrambling to keep up.  He seems to be adjusting well. He got a job as a bag-boy at the local grocery store and should start that soon.  He recently turned 16 and Jay and I took him to the Houston Texans game against the NY Giants.  We lost but he had a great time and is trying to plan another game in his future. :)

Jay and I are doing good.  I'm so busy all the time---everyone used to ask me "What will you do with all your time now that all the kids are in school" now I can respond "What time!?"  I have none! I don't know where it goes, usually to work....by the time I get home it's time to eat, pick up kids, make dinner, baths, homework, sometimes back to work...and my day starts at 4:20 am!  

So when I don't get a chance to update, text you back, call you back, email you back please be patient and persistent. I'm not mad, anit-social or bitchy....I'm just so busy most days that I can hardly wait till it's time to put my head on the pillow and sleep.

Now we can continue on to what you came here for...THE PICTURES!

The 2nd day of school

Flag Football