Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Summer is slipping away....

Monday the kids start up school again. Kindergarten, 3rd and the ever speed-growing 7th grader!! Christian won't slow down, the kid is nearly as tall as I am, wearing men's size shoes and shirts and soon pants!! when did he stop being a boy and start turning into a young man? I missed that memo.

Here's some pictures of him from recently---it's hard to find a photo that has him in a shirt but I succeeded and found two!

We are ready for school....except for knowing who the teachers are and the bus schedule (can you say procrastinate on the school's side!!!) We've been bugging them for weeks to tell us teacher assignments and, zilch, nada....they start school in 5 days!!!
Well I made two teacher bags/gifts for Bailey and Aiden to take to their new teachers (who ever they may be) and they turned out cute! I'm happy with them! I hope the teachers like them. Today I'm gonna try a pair of sleep pants for the kids!! Wish me luck...I'm just starting out the sewing stuff and it's tricky for me to go slow enough to not screw it ya know--I need a dose of patience!!

Well Aiden's up so my time on here is over--I hope everyone is doing well. Aiden's asking if I have grandma's phone number. When I reply yes he says "can you call her and tell her to come down here" :o) Guess he misses you, mom!
Hugs for all

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