Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Been a While

Hi guys-

it's been a while since I've updated...ever have those weeks where you just find you woke up and suddenly it's time for bed and you just can't really pin-point where the heck the day went...welcome to my week!!

Ok on to the stuff you guys came here to read about--the KIDS!

Christian AKA... #37!

He was told Friday he would be starting Middle Line Backer at the game on Saturday morning. He was estatic!! He said to me after the "game" (you'll see why it's in " " in a moment) that he prayed he'd be starting MLB and his prayers were anwered. hee hee...YEAH! (we told him next time to be more specific and add..."and actually PLAY the game"

So we get up and get ready all decked out in our Sharyland Rattlers Shirts, get Christian to the school by 8:30 am.

We arrive around 9:45 for the 10:00 am game vs. Hidalgo...10:30 arrives...still no team to play!! Hidalgo never showed up, apparently they were playing Progresso!! Rattlers win by default :o) The kids were really disappointed and said they'd rather have played and lost than win by default :o( Poor guys...their next game is the 15th...so maybe they'll get to play. OH! did I mention they chage us admission to our own son's 7th grade game?! hahahhaa...a buck a person (including Jillian!) hahahaha...who knew!

STARTING @ Middle Line Backer--#37, Christian Miller!!

Christian and the defensive team as well as the coach!

Also, Christian was Captian of the defense on Saturday (I'm not sure if that's a whole year thing or a game to game thing) Here's some pictures of them warming up!! (he's number 37)

Waiting for his turn--mr. baggy pants! LOL


Bailey at Christian's "game"

Bailey went to a b-day party this weekend (actually we all did cuz it was a BBQ for everyone--it was really fun and we got to meet some new people...maybe we can survive here for a little longer! LOL)


Crazy Face Aiden! LOL

Last night Aiden got homework for the first time--it took him 3 hours!!! So I went to talk to his teacher today--again miscommunication runs amuck here--but staying involved is one way to help solve that. Tonight should go more smoothly...but having a kindergartener write out their numbers 1-100 was a little excessive, considering he didn't even know 2, 5 and 7---something he knows NOW!! (after mom and dad helped him)


Jillian's face is healing great...almost all gone now!! WOO HOO!! she's enjoying being home alone I think...she just roams around upstairs while I check my e-mail playing with her new kitchen and in her room reading books. Then we'll sit and read and play--she makes a mean cup of tea!! LOL...and it's a never ending supply!! So be warned if you take one sip you'll be drinking tea an hour later!!

She enjoyed going to christian's game..she loves looking for birds (and the moon)....so as long as there was a healthy supply of snacks and juice she was just fine :o)

Dad and Sissy

Mom and JilliFaith

As for Jay and I, we're just busy with work, home and kids. I'm trying to get my new webstite up and running, www.thelittlebowshoppe.com (nothing there yet!) and Jay's getting hsi fantasy football team up and running (LOL) other than that...nothing else to report!! Oh I got my hair cut! :o) Pictures of that later--maybe--I'm not thrilled with it..so you may have to just wait until it grows out a little

Oh we got the Wii this weekend for the kids (for Christmas) since Christian was with us we gave it to them to play all ready--hopefully they won't forget it's for CHRISTMAS! LOL...but here's some video of them playing as well as my crazy baby being herself!! ENJOY!! until next time...

For some reason I can't get another Video to show up--so I'll post that later!!! until then enjoy the one of the boys playing their Wii

Boys Boxing--BACK UP, BAILEY!!

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Anonymous said...

JIllian looks like she is giving them instructions on the sidelines! great picture. I love the shirts...I think Grandma need s one! Christian looks like such a jock, hope he likes it and contines to go good in it without getting hurt. I love your pictures. Christian is so handsome in his uniform!! ANONYMOM