Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Have you ever...

Written a little "you-cheated-me-out-of-dinner" Letter to a company??

Last night the menu said we were to have Taco's. Easy enough, right? In theory! Reality is much different than theory I've found. I got out my meat, browned it up and seasoned it just so, grated up cheese, pre-heated the oven for baking the taco shells and was all prepared...when I opened up the box of Taco shells I was happy to find that only one out of the six hard shells was cracked. I opened the 2nd half of the package (6 hard shells/6 soft shells) and find that I think I got the package that got attacked by a wild boar! they're torn and broken and crumbling...I couldn't even find ONE to use.

My taco dinner for six consisted of six taco's. One each. That was soooooo not going to work. Bailey ended up having a hot pocket and Christian had an omelet. The rest of us had the taco's. I had tons of meat that I just threw out. I wasn't a very happy camper but after a little note to El Paso--I felt much better. Hey, I'm on a budget, I can't be wasting money like that without chewing someone out!!! They shouldn't be selling products that people can't use either!

When I was a little girl I used to sit up on the counter tops and "help" my aunt Katy bake cookies (if helping means eating the dough) Yesterday morning I decided to make the kids Blueberry muffins and Jillian really wanted to I popped her up on the counter and let her have at it. I've really gotta start doing her hair before I whip out my camera--these early morning pictures make me look like a negligent mom!

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