Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Puppy Market

Tails from Today...
We've made it clear that when our beloved Kirby-cat passes on (which could be YEARS from now) that we'd get a new dog. In the true nature of a 4 year old, she is off shopping at her very own puppy market...
She scattered her pups out around the house, then took her shopping cart and off she went. Last night she declared "I'm a great shopper, Mom!" Indeed, you are, Jillian!! Notice there are THREE puppies in her cart...yeah, I'm thinking my house will be more of a zoo--sooner than I'm wanting.

Today is also Laundry day---woo.....hoo. is there anyone out there--besides my mom and aunt Katy (side note, how did I miss this genetic anomaly?) that loves laundry day??? I know it's NOT me. I truly HATE laundry day. I think it's the idea that even when I'm done with my laundry--I'm not *really* done...after all I have 6 bodies that are wearing multiple pieces of clothes....about 2 loads worth when you factor in pj's that they'll wear later that night. Just thinking about it exhausts me....those with one child...reading this---yeah you hush, you have NO clue! LOL. Thank goodness I have a fabulous husband that likes laundry done so much he'd rather do it himself than wait. :) I try to do it on Wednesdays and Saturday's...he does "fill-in" *cough*everyotherday*cough* laundry. Not sure how I got so lucky marrying that one, but you won't hear me complain. :o)
So as I work on the couple loads of laundry (yes I necessary evil--I know, but it doesn't mean I have to like it) Jillian's shopping for puppies, it's a rainy day and I'm actually in a mellow mood enjoying the over-cast, and looking for a sewing project to sink my teeth into. Any suggestions?! I'd like to make something for myself...just not sure what!! (and between you and me, I'm really bad at reading paper patterns! LOL)

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