Friday, September 18, 2009

Whew..I'm back!

Well it's been a super long time *cough*likeayear*cough* since I've blogged! wowza! but I'm feeling the creative bug again...first let's update everyone:

Christian is almost 15 (I KNOW RIGHT!?!?! ugh) and will be going to do his drivers Education soon. He's in 9th grade playing football and possibly transfering High Schools from the public one to Med High which is a charter one with emphasis on medical careers. Here's a photo of him in his football uniform (number8)

Bailey is 10 and in 5th grade and playing his first year of Flag good! :) Bailey's got a pay-as-you-go-phone...honestly if I knew texting would occupy so much of his time I may have gotten him one this summer and saved myself some arguing between Aiden and come no one shares these tips with me?? Why did you let me flounder by myself out there waiting for the "AH-HA" moment to strike. I'm blonde, take pity!!

Aiden is 7, in 2nd grade, and plays baseball (with daddy as a coach/pitcher) and has been playing for 4 seasons now...really likes it and is getting so much better than that first season when it was just fun to watch the planes fly buy and twirl around in the outfield while throwing his mitt in the air. Now he's at the pitchers spot :) Here's Aiden's updated picture...yeah..don't ask, I don't know. He's in his own world 99.9% of the time. apparently the game was MUCH more interesting upside down.

Jillian is 4, sweet as can be. She's starting to read a little bit and learning to write her letters. She goes to MOPS with me and Bible Study but no preschool. Here's her updated photo with daddy---yeah have I mentioned she gets a little excited at times! LOL and another of her imitating the Cheerleaders...GO RATT-LERS!!

Jay and I are the same. LOL...really after so many years doing the same thing it's hard to come up with things to you just sit here and update everyone on your kids, which we all ready know is the only reason you come here.

but what I really wanted to blog about is not just updates...I want to start just jotting down random-ness in my life.

Let's take for example:

Today Christian forgot his posterboard in the back of Jay's car. He contacted him and asked if he'd bring it back to school...sure not a problem....woah wait..yeah there is...HS is a closed campus..meaning you aren't allowed on the campus except in the office...which seems silly to me because really--if anyone with a High schooler knows one is gonna steal one...they're a major Pain in the---ahem...yeah anyway back to my Jay calls and asks me if I can run it up...sure sure...whatever. I get there...they won't hold the poster board either! The office doesn't "hold" items for the student. Ok fine, can you call him to come get it? Nope, we don't interrupt class....grrrr....I'm TRYING HERE LADY, can you work with ME?! at all??? no?? not even one little bit---no...have a seat wait until the bell rings then we'll call him to the office. SERIOUSLY!? yeah, 100% seriously. I babysat a piece of posterboard for 15 minutes...then Christian got a tardy for being late to class. Ahhh the wonderful world of High School in the Valley. :D

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