Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Christmas Letter...

I'm stumped on what to write. For those that actually care about what's going on with my family--you know what's going on. You know that Bailey's 8, Christian's 13, Aiden's 5 and Jillian's 2. You know they're smart, beautiful and always--uh..mostly--er uh, ok hardly ever listen to me! You know this stuff...why must I write a generic letter stating the obvious..."WE'RE NORMAL and NOTHING HAS CHANGED!!" I've been sitting at my computer for 3 hours trying to come up with something--anything to send out--but I'm still here, blank screen in front of me, thank goodness the cursor no longer blinks like it used to in the 80's I'd have a migraine by now!

Anyone have any suggestions I can steal from you? :o) Anyone wanna write it for me?

I guess you'll find out in a couple days when you open your mailbox if I scrapped the whole letter writing idea this year or if my muse came back to me! :o)

Well enjoy the pictures...just a couple for now :o) There's some of Christian playing basketball with his friends. One of Aiden and Jillian, and some of Jillian in a couple outfits I'm either working on or made. There is a bodice for a dress I'm making and then a pants and top set I'll be listing on ebay in hopes it sells...

ENJOY! :o)

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carleigh said...

hey janelle!!
loved the pictures and stories... the last post was a pretty good letter! i totally wish i could sew... that is so cool that you make clothes for jillian. and i loved her pirate costume! glad to see you guys doing well- i check your blog every once in a while, but not too often!:)