Friday, December 21, 2007

It's Beginning to feel alot like Christmas....exhausted!

Christmas Parties and undecorating the Kindergarten hall...that's my week in a nut shell.

Imagine this....270 glitter ornaments hanging from the ceiling, 30 beautifully wrapped presents, a twinkling christmas tree filled with oh-so-cute little apples, Letters proclaiming "santa's workshop" hanging at the enterance in adorable white string garland...what a sight to behold! it was so beautiful...I admired it one day as I was walking Aiden into class. That night, his teacher called and asked if I could come in the next morning and take it all down. Uh, sure, I can do my part, after all she educates my precious little one's mind every day. It's the least I could do.

I figure it'll take me an hour or hard can it be??

THREE hours later, Jillian and I both COVERED in glitter (grrr curse you glitter happy people!) from scalp to socks the hall was undecorated. Thanks to one other volunteer who came for about an hour we managed to accomplish it. I had no feeling in my shoulder from taking down said 270 glittering ornaments from the paper clip hooks attached to the ceiling panels. Jillian discovered the water fountain in the class room (thankfully an empty classroom we had free reign of) but in the meantime she soaked :o) all in all it was actually not too bad...I'd probably even do it again next year.

Today I volunteered (the only one) to help with Bailey's classroom party. Mind you this is the gifted and talented class so why shouldn't there be a sliding race, and a bodily noise contest....really it was very...uh...well, Charming? hahaha. It was Pajama Day at school so all the kids have on their PJ's including teachers.

You'll see from the video below that it was pretty much controlled chaos. No injuries were reported (but that doesn't mean one kid didn't hit his head on the floor, get up and do it again...yeah "gifted" my foot, "special" maybe but gifted??) The party food was voted on by the third graders...who opted OUT of having pizza and opted FOR snacks the two-table spread consisted of:

Dr. Pepper
Mountain Dew
3 Bags of Candy (Sweet tart chews, nerds, skittles)
I counted 5 boxes of Cupcaks (bakery kind with extra sugar frosting)
Chips (4 kinds)
Queso dip (2 kinds)
Cake (sugared frosting again)
Ham and cheese deli sandwiches
oh and someone was health conscious and brought Granola bars with chocolate chips. There were fruit cups--unopened and barely glanced at.

Needless to say I'm exhaused from trying to keep up, Jillian's in a sugar induced coma in her room sleeping off her sugar rush and the little one's are outside moving at the speed of light.

We also had programs this week. These were cute...well Bailey's was kinda--not so much. LOL

So enough gibber jabber...enjoy the video's and pictures and I'll report back later!! Have a wonderful BLESSED CHRISTmas and a Happy new year!!! Be safe and thank you to everyone who sent a christmas card and/or photo.

Bailey's Performance--it's Silent Night--they were learning about sound relations to size and what-not...I don't know it was strange to say the least. I'm so proud of Bailey though, look how good he stands with his instrument...not banging it around like the crazy kid next to him (who by the way was the one who kept hitting his head at the party (in the gray outfit)) LOL

Aiden's Winter's Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. To find Aiden locate the last row, he's the third from the left (the short one that you can't see) Sorry guys-it was the best I could do.

The parents you see in the background came for a picture and to drop off sugar..uh I mean treats and snacks then left. The man is the teachers hubby..he came to bring Queso Dip...then nearly RAN out of the room. LOL

Twister (it was the spanish verison which confused some kids as to which said "right hand" and "Left hand"...but they improvised...Jillian decided to jump in on the action here and in the background you'll see the sliding races (run, slide and see who goes the farthest) going on...they were "gifted" enough to go one at a time however..which was nice.

Can't say much about Christian this time around--he claims they sat at their empty desk and did nothing. My tax paying dollars hard at work! :o)

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