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Yes it's true, I've been M.I.A due to being a P.O.W. in my own home.
I've not updated in..oh...let me think.....ah, yes...FOREVER!! why? because apparently I'm a prisoner of war in my own home, sweet home. The war being that of my children. *cough*middle two*cough* and their constant fighting!! Oh did I mention I'm also working in a
Kathy Lee Griffin sweat shop? Making bows for pennies a day?
Want the stories? ok sit back and enjoy.
voice 1: *as if calling into a deep dark cave he dare not enter* Moooooom?
"Can I get more Poke'mon cards?"
"No you have some"
"But not as many as Bailey does"
"That's cuz you keep giving them to the kids at school"
"Only the one's who don't have poke'mon card, oh and the one's who don't have very many"
"Which you'll soon be if you keep giving them all away"
"It's only one or two"
"I know but one or two each day is 5 or 10 a week"
"But Bailey has alot of Poke'mon cards"
"That's cuz Bailey never shares anything"
"Can I get more"
"No" (Again)
*insert one foot stomp and whine* "But Bailey has more than I do!"
"We've all ready had this conversation"
"But that's not fair"
"But you started out with the same amount"
"Insert Bailey coming in with his Poke'mon cards* Voice 2: "hey Aiden look at all my cards"
*insert tears* "See he's got a whole bunch and I don't have any!" *insert running away crying*
"Bailey why do you do that?"
*Insert innocent look* "What?" *insert naughty grin "I was just showing him my cards"
"Is that really necessary?"
*insert another bigger grin with hands out palms up..." What? I was just---" (he can't continue cuz he's about to laugh. *insert background noise of wailing coming from Aiden*
"Do you have to upset him like that?"
"Yes...I mean No!" *insert laugh*
"do it again and you'll get your cards taken away"
"Ok sorry"
Voice 2 walks off.
Voice 1 reenters, tear streaked face *calling into the cave again* "Moooooom?"
"Why can't I get more poke'mon cards?"
*mom thinking* because I'm gonna hunt down the inventor and suffocate him while he sleeps. "Didn't we have this converstation like five minutes ago?"
Voice 1: "But I really want some look I only have ....." *pauses to count* "10 cards, that's it and Bailey has like 17 hundred and sixty thousand."
Voice 2: "no I don't, Aiden, I have like 40!"
Voice 1: "FORTY!" *wailing begins again (like 4o is more than 17 hundred sixty thousand) *insert running off again*
"ok gimme the cards" *mom holds out hand*
Voice 2: "BUT MOM!" *mom's snapping fingers interrupt" "Ugh that's not fair, I didn't even do anything I just said I had like 40 cards, that's all!"
"I told you not to point stuff like that out to him, it just makes him upset and you know that!"
Voice 2: "UGH AIDEN!" *insert stomping off*
Now it gets good...both are upstairs ticked off... mom is in the kitchen trying to randomly throw stuff in a pan/pot/oven/microwave and hoping it turns into meal we can eat when I hear.
Voice 2: "SHUT UP AIDEN!"
Voice 1: "I'm telling mom you said Shut up!"
Voice 2: "then I'm telling her you said it too"
Voice 1: "but I didn't you did"
Voice 2: " Nu-uh you said it when you said "I'm telling mom you said SHUT UP!"
Voice 1&2 in unison: *tattling voice* MOOOOOOOOOM
*Mom from kitchen* "I Heard, I don't care, just stay up there"
Voice 1: But Bailey said "Shut up!"
*hollering from the kitchen* "I said I don't care, just keep it up there"
Voice 1: "Bailey Mom said you are in trouble and you have to stay in your room"
Voice 2: "She did NOT!"
Voice 1: *dark cave voice* Moooom, did you say Bailey has to stay in his room?"
"Only if your fighting with each other"
voice 1: "See we're fighting. You have to"
and so it continues for about a half hour---then Jay comes home. I amazingly grow another ear so I can hear about his day---keep my ears tuned into Jillian (cuz if I don't she'll be off doing who knows what, you've read my past posts...the girl is dangerous on her own!) *see below*
Right now I think it's time for a picture break:

Voice 1 and 2 :o) *don't let the pictures fool you...they really do fight* LOL

So you wanna know what Jillian's been up to?? ooookay. *ready?* (every time I ask that I can actually feel you cringe)

As you know we've taken down her crib and put her in a toddler bed. It's going great...now. 2 months ago...not so much!! we had the repainting of the room with poop. And then about 2 days later she apparently was going to change and realized she had nothing good to wear....hence the photos below of her room after she emptied 2 drawers in her dresser! Clothes everywhere---you can see in the 1st pic she's pretty darn proud of herself....

But not for long...here she is getting into trouble...she's not fond of sitting in "time out" but she does sit there....bawling until I tell her it's ok to get out. Then the water works are turned off and playing begins again...really she'll be an oscar winner some day with those skills.

Oh last Friday she was out back playing around and she laid on an ant hill...she probably got bitten 100 times. Poor little thing...she's a train wreck...she had 33 of them on one hand alone!! She just was saying "Owww, Ouch, Owww" Bailey started yelling "ANTS! mom Ants are everywhere" they were in her clothes, diaper, hair...everywhere!!! I took her clothes off, tossed her in a bath and gave her tylenol---she wanted to go back out within the hour. When I finally let her go out again she went right back to the ant hill...HELLO!?!?! can you say "short bus"?? talk about a slow learner...sheeze. I had to bring her in for the night and then spray it the next day with ant killer while she slept.

Ahh my calm child...Christian. He finished footbal up and is currently trying out for the basketball team. The last day of tryouts is Wednesday (tomorrow) then they'll be posting the one's who made the cut late this week or early next week...stay tuned!!! In Football they came in 2nd in their division. They lost 2 times (to the same team...which is Sharyland South--when they get to highschool Sharyland (christian's school) and Shary south will merge and become one highschool) but it was a fun ride and Christian was really sad to see it end. It really brought him alot of joy to play every day and have games every week. I hope he makes the basketball team to give him some of that back.

Here he is...
Well for Halloween we had a pack 'o pirates :o) (I didn't make Jillian's outfit (or the boys') but friend of mine made her costume...it turned out sooo sooo cute!! I love it!!

Christian is "too cool" to dress up so he went to a friends house and played football with the "guys" and ate candy. Meanwhile the rest of us hit the streets to beg for candy...ahhh, gotta love halloween!! Jillian, Aiden and Bailey (below) in costume:

For Thanksgiving we went to Corpus Christi where it was FREEZING COLD!! LOL...high 40's low 50's but man alive it felt colder considering that the day before was mid 80's! My mom and I got up and went to the Black Friday sales...which was reallyquite enjoyable this year. We chatted with some people in Circut City and got some great deals in a number of stores...I got all my christmas shopping done, thankyouverymuch!


OH we made a ginger bread house too---here's some pictures of me and the kids and jay trying to get this thing to work! LOL. The roof kept slipping off...eventually the candy was picked off and we tossed it in the garbage...but it was a fun memory (hopefully) for the kids.

The weekend before Thanksgiving I had my very first craft fair...it was alot of fun!! my mom came down to help me but I worked my butt off all week tyring to get prepared and failed on teh business aspect of it...but I did get enough bows made. I didn't do as well as I would have liked but the traffic coming though was light and I did good overall I think. Here's some pictures of all the bows I made...I was pooped at the end of that week! LOL I've also been sewing which I've found alot of enjoyment out of lately....here's a top I made Jillian...

Finally my Christmas cards are being ordered...so I'll send some pictures when they come--not even a sneak preview for you guys--no no, I'm not--ok one sneak preview (I made Jillian's outift)...but that's it! no more!! (this is NOT the picture on the card) but Aiden looks 3 sheets to the wind and Jillian's well yes, she really does have that big of a mouth..hahaha!! ahhh love my babies!! all 4 of them...even though they've held me as a P.O.W. for the past 2 months!!

Have a great holiday season and I'll do better about updating I PROMISE! :o)

Till later


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