Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas ROCKED!

Hi all-

Well as you can tell from the title of this post Christmas was awesome! Everyone had alot of fun...and got what they wanted (I hope) LOL.

We have some video of Christian opening what he wanted most (a Juke (a cell phone with MP3 player) we had him convinced he wasn't responsible enough for one just when he opened it up he was sooooo excited.

The other kids got stuff they wanted too...Bailey and Aiden got rip-sticks (I'll have to take pictures of them on 'em so you can see what they're like) Bailey's getting pretty good all ready! I'm impressesd

Aiden got a Nintendo DS (he now wants games for it for his b-day) and has hardly put it down, but better than that it's made Bailey start playing with his again. They've realized if they sit close enough together they can send messages from one DS to the Other...Bailey told me it was like having a Cell Phone with Text Messaging! LOL. He's cute.

They also go blendy pens, poke'mon cards, star wars guys, Poke'mon stadium, movies, games and just TOO MUCH! was a great day!

Jay was a happy camper when he opened up his new Dyson Vacuum cleaner! He was like "really? this is what's in it?" hahaha..yeah!! now for some of you it may seem weird that my husband gets a vacuum cleaner but if you know know that he's a cleaning fanatic..he loves to vacuum especially--so this was PERFECT..he even took my mom and dad's over the summer while they were in Minnesota and brought it to our house! hahaha, it was a great gift for him.

(I know it's sideways...I wasn't thinking straight, sorry)

As for Jillian she got a doll house (with furnishings and people) and babies and a shopping cart with boxes of food, a gymboree outfit that's adorable I can't wait until it warms up a tinch to put it on her! She had alot of fun opening her gifts and was really getting into it.

We made cookies for Santa and in the process got completely covered in frosting--Aiden did his on purpose but Jillian...that's just her little piggy self. :o)

As for me...I got exactly what I wanted: sewing items, a serger, an ipod docking station with a cd player/radio and clock in it. I also got a counter top mixer which I wanted and it comes with DOUGH hook attachements, which is PERFECT!! yeeeeeah!

The day was pretty much right on. The kids played nicely together, the meal was wonderful and the company...well I couldn't ask for better! So now that Christmas is over I'll wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR! I'll leave you with some pictures of our Christmas morning...

We weren't expecting company but when my father got sick and hand to cancel his trip to Colorado to visit my brother and his family we glady took them in and had a wonderful visit!

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