Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas time again....

Which means that it's Christmas card photo time again. Trying to get that "perfect" picture....*SIGH*....we were bound to end up with a few funny shots here and there...this year, we had more than are some out-takes from our little adventure.
4 kids, a husband who hates doing this (but loves me enough to put up with it) and a mom who could easily do this all day long (if the batteries and kids lasted)
I almost sent a photo out with just the out-takes from our little day out, how could I have chosen just one though!?!?! However, I found one that worked and sent that. (although I didn't print enough--so if you didn't get one, I apologize!!!)

*I'm soooo done*

*look at me, I'm a super hero!!*

*no more paparazzi!*

*Let me goooooooooooooo!!!*

*double head fix*
*I don't even wanna really, I don't!*

*you can't see me....can you?"

*no more, mom!!*

*this stinks*
*head fix*
*enough, mother*


*No idea what's going on down there*
*look our car, let's go!*

*ugh my nose!!!*

MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone!! may you have a blessed holiday season and get everything your heart desires!!

So, did we ever get the picture we wanted, you ask....
Of course!


The crazy Miller family!


Will and Vannessa said...

Where were these pics taken? I like the trees in the background.

The Miller 6 said...

Those were taken at the entrance of our subdivision. Come on over and see it :) take pics and bring Cole!