Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Do you ever just get angry?

OK stupid title, but honestly do you ever just wanted to scream in frustration.  I can handle most things...I do a pretty good job of venting and then putting on a good face and moving on...but I tell you what...this whole government issue (not dems vs. republicans) but the whole freaking system is driving me NUTS!!!

Here's where the line was drawn for me (well other lines have been drawn too but this is the most recent).  Did you hear about the 4 year old who's lunch from home was taken away because a "food inspector" deemed it unacceptable by the guidelines.  What did it have in it. (Not that I think it's anyone's business but mom, dad, and the child) but here's the report of what was packed that morning.

1) turkey sandwich on white wheat bread.
2) Banana
3) potato chips
4) apple juice

sounds pretty good for a kids lunch doesn't it?

Well the guidelines (please feel free to insert a sneer when saying guidelines, I did) state that a balanced diet consists of 1) Protein 1) dairy 1) grain 2) fruits and/or veggies to be acceptable.

What was missing? According to the "inspector" (and really---what kind of a-hole has that job? Going around to school's making sure sack lunches are up to their standards? Poor schmuck)

You'd think the potato chips and lack of veggie are the big no-no's here wouldn't you?  NOPE! Lack of dairy product was the culprit.  Had her sandwich had cheese on it...she would have been OK.

Now, by law what the state is supposed to do (cuz apparently minding their own business is out of the question) is SUPPLEMENT the  missing dietary items.  Did they hand her a milk and say, "here's your dairy, kid, maybe you can tell mommy to pack you a cheese stick tomorrow"  Not a chance...

What did Mr. Food Inspector do?  Made her get a tray and get the school lunch then sent home her lunch with a bill for $1.25 to mom along with a note stating her daughters lunch wasn't up to standards.  The child then ate the school lunch of three chicken nuggets.  Now people out there who read my blog--you have a brain...(unfortunately, it seems as though our government doesn't...or would rather not USE it) does that sound healthier??  THREE NUGGETS?

ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?!  *pulls up soap box*

Let me tell you something Big-Brother...I carried my kids in my womb for nine months (some longer, thankyouverymuch) and I birthed these children out of a hole waaaaay too small in my opinion, even got cut open to have two of them! In my book, that gives me exclusive right to say what I will and will not feed my child.  When I will and won't spank their naughty backsides, when I will and won't send them to school without a jacket, when I will and won't allow them to ride a bike without a helmet and when I will and won't allow them to stay out until the street lights come on!

When you deal with the tears, bumps, bruises, middle of the night vomit sessions, breaking up fights and working your butt off to be able to afford to put them in sports and clubs and pay for clothes, shelter and food then you can tell me how to raise my children.  Until then, BUTT out of my life, BUTT out of my kids' life and go back to doing what you're supposed to be doing which is protecting the United States from terrorist, making sure our borders are secure and allowing the opportunity to achieve life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness!

At the rate of our national debt YOU are the ONLY reason my children will have no chance at success---they're going to work their butts off to pay off your reckless spending, your hand-outs to able-bodied people, your grants to finding out if some unknown beetle is about to become extinct (thank goodness they weren't in office when Dinosaurs roamed the earth or we'd all be eaten up by now!), and all the cronies you owe something to. All on our children's backs...well maybe they need to bulk up a bit to carry YOUR bring on the fruit snacks, rice krispie's treats, chocolate covered granola bars, chips and Oreo cookies....oh, and turkey sandwiches...sans cheese, if you please!

If you don't like what I feed my kids, might I suggest where you can shove it!?

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