Friday, January 27, 2012

Elementary Awards

Today Jillian gets awards at school for attendance and grades and behavior.  She cracks me up because she's such a rule follower, I used to be like that in school too, I'm actually still like that. I so so so want to break the rules sometimes but I just feel so guilty that I just can't bring myself to do it.

But this isn't about me and my issues, it's about my sweet baby girl.  Her classroom has a chart for behavior, on this chart each child has a clip.  Each day everyone starts at the top, and based on how they behave they can either stay at the top or move it down, the farther down the clip goes the worse your behavior has gotten.  Jillian is very proud of herself that she's never moved her clip down.  I went to parent teacher conferences earlier this year and her teacher said that she's the sweetest child she's met, then laughingly said if she ever had to move her clip down she was afraid of how Jillian would react.  Oh I know exactly how she'd react! hahaha, she'd be in tears all day---most likely all week!

So to keep up this sweet attitude and desire to please, we make sure to make a big deal over her never moving her clip down.  We ask almost daily "did you move your clip down today?" to which she responds
"Nope not ever, not even one time."  then I ask, like I don't know the answer, "You've never moved it down? Not even once?"
"Nope---not---even--once!" she says with a grin.

PJ day at Church

You just gotta love this girl!  She just sparkles, sucking you in and before you know it, you've fallen in love.  I don't just say this cuz she's my daughter....just ask anyone who's met her...because she's stolen their heart already!


Anonymous said...

She is a very special young one indeed!

Anonymous said...

Its Warren Janelle LOL