Saturday, January 28, 2012

New Puppy!

Meet the Newest Member of the Miller Family!

We currently call her "Lilly"  however there's some disagreement about if we all like that name.  So her name could change.  She's a Yellow Lab we estimate to be about 3-5 months old.  Weird we don't know, right?  Why didn't the owners tell us when we got her, you're thinking.

Here's the back story.

I have a friend who's husband was out in their driveway when this little blonde roly-poly ran up to him, along with her black lab sister, who was more timid and shy.  It was about 34 degrees outside and just too cold for puppies to be out running around, so he brought them in to his wife and six kids...they began posting pictures of the puppies on Facebook and shortly after began posting signs around their neighborhood for the owners to come claim their lost puppies....then---nothing.

Not a single call, knock or random person out looking around for puppies that were missing.  Since both were the same age, same size and roaming around together, it only made sense that they were siblings (sisters), I told Jay about her posts on Facebook and he went to check it out.  Of course my dog-lover husband and son (Bailey) saw the photos and ohhh'ed and ahhhh'ed over her until I had the feeling I was either getting a dog, or going to be the bad guy (shhh, don't tell but I have been wanting a big dog for about 2 years now...but shhh, that's our secret).  My friend posted on Facebook that they were looking for homes for the puppies, or they'd have to go to Animal Control.  ANIMAL CONTROL!?! NO WAY, JOSE'!  The no kill-shelter wasn't answer phone calls, you had to email.  Now remember I said she has six kids, the youngest under a year.  There was just no way they could keep these puppies...and there was no way I was going to let them go--these precious baby puppies just needed a home with kids to love on them.  Well if there's one thing we's a home with lots of kids!  We had to go look.

We had upwards basketball and cheer leading today and I knew they'd be there.  Their daughter was my jr. coach, and they had two sons playing and one son coaching--I packed up my things after the game and Jay said "go ask her if we can go see the puppies"  So I asked.  A few hours later we had a new yellow lab puppy.  I'm preparing myself for chewed up things, hyper puppy behavior, accidents in the house.  If we can just make it through that time--I think she'll be a fantastic dog for our kids (and maybe a little for me) 

I know some people think we're crazy (OK, most probably do!)  So I guess I'm lucky I live in the family I do...because right now all I feel is blessed.  It's not everyday you get a Yellow Lab puppy for FREE!  Then again...ask me in a week when she's chewed up someone's shoes---

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