Friday, November 20, 2009

Adventures on Craft Day

Yesterday was Thursday, and every month at MOPS (mother's of preschoolers) we have a just so happens I'm in charge (along with my fabulous friend Katy) of crafts for 40 women...who are EXPECTING an amazing craft! (what did I get myself into!!!)  however--my adventure begins a couple nights before...shall we rewind??

Tuesday:  Bible Study, which went well...then lunch with the princess at McAllisters Deli...we walk out of McAllisters and she starts coughing her precious little head off...(this has been going on for a month--comes and goes but never fully goes away) so I've had it, enough is enough, I call the doctor and get an appointment for that day.  After a bunch of mumbo-jumbo and BS he states she has asthma. (she's also got a low-grade fever) so he puts her on FOUR different medicines. My mommy instincts are screaming that this is wrong---but I trust him, cuz he's been wonderful in the past and I've never had reason to doubt him.  After paying 123 bucks for a doctor visit I'm not too pleased with, I leave.  Go to Walgreens who's backed up 2 hours!! I'm like never mind, go to Target...they're good to go..however--one of the medicines is 239.99 (with 11 refills cuz apparently we grow money down here!) long story short, I fill one of four scripts and leave.  Get home, and rush to get ready for my Pampered Chef Party (if you ordered, thank you-if you didn't--there's still time!!!)   Jay's home with her and she still can NOT stop coughing...we give her the breathing treatments and she throws up from coughing so hard. :( Poor baby...we did that twice in the next 24 hours and both times she threw up cuz she was coughing so hard...needless to say we're not doing that anymore.

She sleeps in our room that night---OK sleep is a bit of an exaggeration, she was up every 20 minutes coughing for 10 minutes, passed out before waking up was horrible, Jay slept on the couch (don't feel sorry for least he GOT SLEEP!) I slept with Jillian and have since been running on "E" the past 36 hours.

Wednesday we stay put..we don't move a muscle, we don't leave the house...the cough gets worse and now she's still running a low-grade fever.  Jay's out of town...

Thursday--MOPS...and it's craft day...Katy and I have been planning a MONSTER craft that I have to be there the bad mommy that I am I have Christian stay home (Jay's still out of town) and I run to MOPS do the craft, thank goodness I did cuz Katy was super sick and couldn't stay either!   On the way to MOPS I put in a phone call to the doctor and give his nurse a piece of my's NOT asthma,  know you probably get mom's calling in and tell you they know more but I'm telling you IT'S NOT ASTHMA!  she asked me "Do you want to come back in?" I said "No! you saw her two days ago she's the same! oh wait now she's got diarrhea and vomits when I do the breathing treatment, she needs an antibiotic"  she tells me she'll talk to the doc and get back to me.  I hang up...I get rear-ended. (no damage, I'm's just a testament to how my day was going) I get to MOPS do the craft (went well woo hooo!!!) and still haven't heard from dear ole doc.  Now I call back...he's out to lunch.  I have a few words with the receptionist about when I can expect a call and 45 minutes later they call back...they'll call in an order for Zithromax.  PRAISE THE LORD!!!

Last night until about 3 am she was still up coughing every 20 minutes, but once 3am hit and that medicine too hold--she's been doing wonderfully...she's napping now for the past 3 hours and I've heard one cough! ONE!!!  Tonight I just may get some sleep after all.

Oh and Christian was more than happy to "Help me out" yesterday--but still THANK YOU, Baby...your a lifesaver!!  and Jay's back home...can I go to bed yet?

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Will and Vannessa said...

Aw Janelle! I had no idea you were rear-ended! What a day! You looked great though despite the lack of sleep and whiplash! Glad she's doing better. When Cole gets sick I'll just call you too!