Friday, November 27, 2009

Dear Santa...

Thanks for all the gifts you've blessed us with in the past.  I ask this year that you don't shop at Best Buy or HP.  You see, Santa, I have this computer that won't stop dying.  We've had this little lap top for 2 years and it's been repaired 3 times and last night it craped out again!  I don't know what to do, Santa!  I can throw it out the window or place it on the floor and let the kids jump on it until it's smashed in a billion pieces...of couse knowing my luck it wouldn't "break" apart that easily...I would guess it only breaks when you actually use it the way it's intended to be used.  Thankfully my husband (who so deserves extra presents this year) was able to restore it, but at the cost of all my pictures.  Bye bye pictures of Halloween, Grandma's visit, the pumpkin patch, Christian's birthday....HP and Best Buy should be SHUT DOWN SANTA!!! Put them on your naughty list for selling lemons like this!  Maybe they should go into business selling Coal for all the naughty kids.  Maybe, just maybe they'd learn to sell products that work! (you could toss in a lesson in Customer Service if you've got time)

So Santa....this year I don't want something for my self. I'm asking for something for everyone...every consumer, every eager buyer who goes in with a wad of cash, a slim, cool credit card...I ask you give them PEACE this season.  Peace of knowning that when they fork over all that hard-earned money that they'll be buying a quality product that JUST WORKS, so they won't lose their precious memories with a flicker of a screen and 4 hours of reboots and reformats.

Thank you santa....the cookies are homemade by me--frosted by the with caution!


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Will and Vannessa said...

Too funny! Ask Santa for a year subscription to For $50 a year, they automatically back up your entire hard drive. You can set the times or for it to do the back up as files are added, changed or deleted. Ask me about it if you're interested. I have it.