Saturday, November 7, 2009

Don't Tip off the Waiter!

The date was a bust...the group of kids who were going must have changed their mind or something cuz the whole thing didn't happen.  But Christian and his friend Darren decided to still hit PF CHANGS and grab dinner.  one 15 year old and one 14 year old go in to PF CHANGS on a Friday night around 10:30 pm.  Oh it can only get better from here!!

After spending a small fortune on enough food to feed a small army they get the bill and experience a little "sticker shock"  they split the bill and leave a tip...

A TWO-DOLLAR TIP!!!  (oh I'm so glad I wasn't there--to have someone identify me as one of their parents would be mortifying!!!)  Jay picked them up and they shared their story with him and he laughed and said "You better hope that you don't see that waiter outside of PF Changs again--he'll probably give you a beat down" LOL.

Guess we neglected that all you parents out there--be sure to tell your kids that they need to tip 15-20% ...apparently that's a "learned" lesson.

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Beth said...

Sorry the date was a bust. Hearing about his "tip" made me think about when we used to hide the tip from the diners before and use that as our tip. (Ok, we only did this once...and we would have added to it if the waiter was half way decent.)