Saturday, November 21, 2009

Going to go out tonight!

We've got the sitter booked (well in advance...yeah I have to reserve my own son to babysit), the tickets purchased, the car gassed up.  I'm ready to go!!!  Where are we going?  To a Killer Bee's Hockey game!!!  I'm so excited--it's a give-a-way night...1,000 adult jerseys to be given away tonight--I love me a freebie!!  Wondering though, how soon do I need to get there to ensure I get a free jersey?  (hey we planned this date for this very reason!!)

I found this while looking for a pic of the Killer Bee's Logo...this is NOT a *POUT*
This is a 3/4 sleeve shirt!!

Maybe going out will help me forget that the Senate is gonna doom my kids and my health---then tax me to death when I can't afford it anymore :*o(  Whaaaaaa!

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