Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Sad Farewell...

Today my parents have movers at their house, packing up their items, our memories and moving them miles and miles away to Florida.  It's a sad time for me...I will miss them terribly.  I know I can't be selfish and keep them here with me forever--but it was nice..it was fun...it was what families should be doing.  Thank goodness there are planes and cars and we're not traveling by horse and buggy anymore!!!  We'll be heading out to Florida to visit and see them in their new digs as soon as we can!!  Florida holds so many fun and exciting things for young and old alike.  My kids will not only love seeing Grandma and Grandpa, but Disney, Sea World, the Beach, mini golf (we have that but honestly...we never go---it's one of those vacation things we all love to do)

So this post is for my parents...HAPPY MOVE!! Safe travels and all our love going with you!!!

Grandma and Jillian practicing their "Gang Signs"

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