Sunday, November 29, 2009

Decorating the Tree

2 days after Thanksgiving we drug out all the decorations---realized that 1 out of 6 strands of lights still worked (what actually happens during the spring/summer/fall to make them NOT work??) and here is the photo's to prove that it actually got done!

Bella wanted to help....

Here Jillian adjusts the ornaments just so and Christian's lending her a helpful boost. (She wanted all the ornaments up high this year...but was unable to reach that someone had to lift her up)

Don't be fooled, it always ends with matter what we do it's gotta end in was no exception as Aiden and Jay start cleaning up--the wrestling match started up.

Finally all calmed down the tree is done, here's a quick snap shop of the family around the newly decorated tree.

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Beth said...

Nice pic...but when did Christian get to be as tall as you?