Monday, November 16, 2009

I swore I'd never be like this...

But when she comes in shivering what am I supposed to do?! I know she's just a dog, but when it's chilly here my heart breaks for any critter human or non that's shivering!! So we got her a little fleece jacket. LOL It's really cute...pathetic of me, yeah I know but she's warmer and doesn't come in shivering so much anymore!

This weekend I made my first ever from-scratch cheesecake!! here's the finished product. It was pretty good!!! but VERY RICH!!! and I forgot the topping (which was supposed to be a sour cream sweetened topping, but like I said I forgot.) :( But I MADE A CHEESECAKE!!! that's amazing for this culinary-challenged lady!
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