Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Someone's not having a good day...

That someone is ME!  I'm so upset at life in general.

My day started out good, bible study, time with friends...then I got a phone call and Christian got his phone taken away at school (long story--but he didn't get caught---yet got it taken away---like a cop over hearing you tell your friend you sped and then he wrote you a ticket--that type of thing)

Christian's xbox is "hacked" and this morning XBOX locked out 600,000+ people who's xboxes are hacked (open to download games on line) but the whole point of having an XBox 360 is to play against your friends online...well now he can't! When Jay called to figure out what was going on they reply "there's nothing we can do"  REALLY!? aren't you MICROSOFT?  Didn't you DO this in the FIRST PLACE?!

I'm not excusing what Christian did to his XBox...but to ban them from the INTERNET, to allow them to play with their friends online---THAT JUST SUCKS!  He got a new game today and can't even play it to it's fullest.  I will NEVER buy another MICROSOFT item again--they could have tracked the stolen games (Which Christian has none anymore--we discarded them all after a chat about the morality of it) but once your xbox is hacked it's hacked....so that means if you buy one at GameStop that's hacked...tough cookies, sweetheart, YOUR BANNED!!)  To top it off...the "contract" you have to enter into to gain access was accepted by my then 13 year old..so really it's null and void...wonder if that would hold up in court! JERKS!

and finally--I made a dress to enter into a contest online and I used the wrong designs!!  2 days of work, tons of fabric and it's just not even something I can enter cuz you HAD to use those designs.  Today is a good day to sit down and cry....

But here's the dress I made.



Will and Vannessa said...

Sorry to hear about your terrible day! Um,... you looked great this morning.....yeah, sorry, that's all I got....your day hands-down sucked. Sorry:(

Beth said...

Sorry about your awful day! Hopefully today is a much better day!