Friday, October 2, 2009

Football Blues...again!

Good news and Bad news...

Good news: Christian got to play quite a bit last night at the game vs. the McAllen High School, Bulldogs! (about every 3/4the play)

Bad news: Sharyland High School Rattlers lost 14-7. :( Bummer.

but the good news out-weighed the bad in this situation. We were happy Christian got to play and he looked good doing it. :) I went to the game while Jay stayed home with the boys. (Jillian came with me) She had the cheerleaders laughing and Christian could her hear yell "GO RATT-LERS!" on the side lines. Maybe Jay won't get his way--maybe...just maybe, she won't be the best football player in the family...a mother can dream!

All photos were taken on my phone--and I've not quite mastered getting them off there yet. When I do I'll post them here! :)

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