Monday, October 26, 2009

Reality Check

I ADORE my baby boy! Honestly, I do. He's sweet, smart, funny and sensitive....but a little lost on fantasy Island (no not the one with de-plane, Boss...but in HIS OWN version of Fantasy Island)

Take for instance....this:


FROM: ZALDE (no clue who this is)
TO: GOHAN (A Dragon Ball Z cartoon character)

I love you Gohan but why did you break up with me. I'm sorry.

Now let me clarify---

A: he's 7, spelling isn't his strongest suit.
B: He's obsessed with dressing up, acting out in pretend play, the character he's dressed up as
C: Did I mention he's sensitive and usually in his own world???

Bless his heart, he left this note on my dresser tonight and I read it, showed it to Jay and we both laughed out butts off.

Ahhh good times in the Miller house...good times indeed. I LOVE THAT BOY!! but he's one kooky kid :)

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