Monday, October 5, 2009

Two-rooms, 1 weekend...SUCCESS!

We did it! We switched Bailey and Jillian's rooms around! Moved out furniture, painted Jillian's old room, switched fans, curtains, and then piled all the furniture back in and hung accessories that needed to be hung on the wall for the past three years, on the wall! All in a weekend!

They look good!! I miss the pink and purple of Jillian's room, but maybe I can bat my eyelashes enough to have it get done after Christmas :) (I'll even toss in a couple "pleeeease" for good measure!) Jillian's actually mad that her room isn't pink. (YEAH ME--lol) so she's on my side. He doesn't stand a chance, does he?

Here are some pictures of the finished projects!

Jillian's room got a new bookcase/reading area. She has more space to play but less closet we can't have it all, can we? The big window let's in tons of light and really brightens it up. She still needs paint and her name hung on the wall.

Above the bookcase I'd like to get some letters and spell out "once upon a time..." (hoping for $$ for a cricut machine this year for Christmas!!) Also, would like to get a little reading chair for her in the corner where her princess throne is currently located. They have them at and but they're like 100 bucks!! HOLY COW!! (and that doesn't include the monogrammed slip cover! Isn't that nuts!?

Her room is also waiting on some storage (that we've yet to purchase) that will replace the toy buckets that is currently located between her curio cabinet and her dresser. I want to get some cube storage with some buckets that match to go there. You can see the frames on top of her curio cabinet that will be hung up above her bed when I fix one of the frames that broke on the move down here. (Heading out today to get wood-glue).

For Christmas I'm making her a new bedspread too. It will be white/pink/lime green. (in this picture her comforter isn't even on the, that's because it was being washed.

Now on to Bailey's room...

Obviously he had a fresh coat of paint. This room went from the top half was light pink, white chair rail, and purple/pink/white stripes around the bottom to--tan on top, "alligator hide" green chair rail and "coconut shell" brown on the bottom.

The fan was switched from Jillian's pink/purple/blue/yellow/green flower fan with butterfly pulls to the one that was in his room which is much more masculine :) His shelf got repainted in alligator hide green, he'll be getting a new valance and curtains too. I hope to convince Jay to have a desk built in his over-sized closet so he can do his homework there (there's tons of space!!).

We also added a cork board for whatever he wants it for and hung up the beloved poke'mon poster that Christian got when he was like four!! LOL.


Speaking of Christian...his birthday is Wednesday---FIFTEEN!!! he started his drivers education classes this weekend. It's Saturday and Sunday morning from October 3rd until November 22nd! (yeah you read that right TWO MONTHS long) crazy!! next week he has to go to the DMV and get his permit and vision test then he's behind the wheel.

Aiden is in heavy competition with the rest of the school (mostly his brother) to collect as many box-tops as he if you happen to run across some on your packages and would like to help him out he'd appreciate it!! This is serious business's a party at the end of the year for the class that's collected the most. I hear lots of "HEY! that was MY box-top!" or "I'm going to eat ALL of this *holds up new box of cereal* so I can get the box top!"

Hey, I'm not too proud to beg...PLEASE send box tops to us!!! LOL

That's about it...Tonight is Monday Night Football...Vikings v. guess where we'll be all night long!? Tomorrow is Bailey's first flag-football game and Wednesday is Christian's birthday, Thursday is Christian's football game and Friday I have a craft booth at the free music in the park night here in all in all it's a week of go-go-go. Sooooo GO VIKES!

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