Friday, October 23, 2009

I'm still here!!

Hey everyone!

Sorry it's been so long since I've updated. I kind of fell off track when I went to my mom's (she's back from Minnesota) and I went to help her go through some things (She's moving to Florida---really, can't that lady sit still???) Upon returning home on Wednesday, I had exactly 1.5 days to prepare for a garage sale, then after the garage sale I had exactly 2.5 days to prepare for my parents visit down here, a football game and another birthday (my mom's) so I'm going with the excuse of...I've been busy.

So, last time I promised updates on Christian's birthday. Since he had school he had the option of staying home or going....oh what to do? what to do!??! he chose to stay home. (wow really!?) So we had a day of goofing off. I think all in all he had a good day. That night we made his birthday dinner (hot wings and fries) and had a DQ blizzard cake (oreo) and then POOF my boy turned 15!

For his birthday he got, Clothes (Hollister), a football, a new cell phone, new bedding (Vikings) as well as Drivers Ed and some cashola and a couple gift cards....pretty decent haul if you ask me.

On another note...I'm now making these little jewels for craft model went from one extreme to the next (no smiles to full-out model mode) We have Archer Park coming up in 2 weeks and then on Nov. 7th we've got a craft fair at the boys' elementary school--time to get busy!!
Really...where does she learn that?! LOL

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