Thursday, October 8, 2009

Football for Fifth Graders

This has been on busy week here at the Miller household! Tuesday was Bailey's first flag football game. He loved it! He played the entire game in 90+ degree heat...and had a blast!! Aiden and Jillian and ran around throwing the spare footballs and playing with all their friends. It was enjoyable for mom and dad too! :)

Bailey's team won!! YEAH! he's got three more games and one bye then it's over :( but that's OK because soon it's going to start getting too dark to have them play longer.

Pictures of my handsome boy playing are below (along with some of his brother and sister) The first are some of him warming up with his friends and their siblings. (I tell ya it's like a block party with all the siblings there to keep everyone occupied and all the parents are talking and cheering, it was really fun)

Then you'll see Bailey in the flags...that's the game :)

I'll update you on Christian's birthday tomorrow--right now I have to get to Rio Grande City, TX and watch Christian play football...I tell ya, it's go, go, go around here!

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